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Feeling rough

God its that time of year again, turning real cold and apparently we might even get wintry showers next week!

Feeling real rough today, maxed out on everything and desperatly trying to hang on at home (but dont worry I am not stupid!) the green men are very good friends!!

Just feeling sorry for myself again, my friends having an outdoor party tomorrow and wanted to go but now looks very unlikely Grrrr.

Never mind, hugs to all


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HI Snowy,

My asthma is playing up also.

was picking up on spirvia but today constant coughing and grumpy lungs.

Hope we all get through the winter without to many AnE visits.

Take care love Glynis xxx


yep its getting chilly isnt it. didnt even bother trying to walk around the block today, my back has seized up and it will only start my chest off- best off indoors i think x


Its freezing

I hope to survive this winter without asthma flares but i feel cold already and heaters are on.



me too

silly weather ... fancy turning on us!! i am also having trouble ... weather isnt helping existing troubles with my asthma, so i know where your all coming from :( .... big hugs and happy breathing. Hannah x


I am also feeling rough and I am using my inhalers loads


Thanks all,

Obviously not happy to hear that others are suffering too but glad to know im not alone, thought I was going to have to give in last night but battled through and so far im still here!

Take care all



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