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Update on Snowy - Thur

Hi everyone

Well its me feeling crap today, actually came home and slept in my own bed last night for the first time since last Fri, and I think now that I stopped it all caught up with me, feeling pretty rough this morning, but hey ho!

Last night with Lewis seeing mum went well, and we have now reached over 24 hours of no setbacks, the plan today is to remove the chest drain if the tests/x-rays are ok but thats all, the consulant last night was very clear that they cannot do too much too soon so as to not put added pressure and stress on her body, so if that goes ok then tomorrow they MIGHT look at removing the pacemaker late on Fri , then and only IF it all goes to plan they will review early next week and see about trying to get her off the ventilator.

Guess for me the removal of things slower will be harder than putting them in quickly!! as you just want to see progress now !!

He said not to get too carried away as she was still needing a lot of meds to keep her stable, and was still very poorly but the fact that they are even considering reducing support some was something positive to hold onto, so fingers crossed



PS: heard from Snowygirl late last night and she was moved to HDU she said more for precuation, so fingers crossed for her speedy recovery too!

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Hi Alex,

Not surprised you're feeling dreadful. Take care of yourself if you can - remember to eat! Glad things are looking more stable and it's definitely encouraging if the consultant is beginning to talk about removing/stopping things...albeit slowly.

Hope Snowygirl gets on okay

Thinking of you all


Great news, fingers crossed all goes to plan. Im not surprised you feel really rough today,Make sure you get plenty of rest and as feejay says make sure you eat, its so easy to forget. Good news about snowygirl,asthmagirl. Hope everyone struggling or in costa are well this morning and get well soon. Sounds like you got a great cons too, that makes a great deal of difference.

love sj


Hi Alex

Glad to hear that Snowy's condition has started to improve and that the doctors are looking ahead to how they can reduce the support she has needed. You and Lewis have had a hard time lately and I hope it will be possible for you to take a little time for yourselves today, maybe get some more sleep or just relax if you can, so that you can cope with the next few days.

I read Lewis' message and thought it was very moving and articulate. I'm sure you're very proud to have a son who isn't ashamed to show how much he cares for his Mum, and is brave enough to share his thoughts and feelings with people he doesn't know.

Take care of yourselves



Hi Alex

I think I can say for me and the rest of the users on here were all a 100% behind you and think of you and Lewis all the way take care Kerry-Anne xxx


As Kerry-Anne and the others have said, we're all 100% with you, supporting Snowy and your family. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on Snowy's progress. It's encouraging to hear that she's not needing the support to be increased, and that it may be possible to start removing some of the medical interventions. I can understand the frustration of wanting things to be done now (or yesterday!) but I know that you'll work with the doctors, and hope that they'll listen to Snowy's body about what it can tolerate at the moment.

Please take care of yourself, and ask if there's anything that anyone can do. People always offer to help, I know, but a surprising number of them actually mean it! Perhaps you could make a list of things like laundry, food shopping/cooking, housework, etc. and give it to people when they ask what they can do?

Sending much love to all of you,


PS. Thanks for the update on Snowygirl too. It's so good to know that everyone here is so connected to each other - it makes such a difference to know that we're not doing this alone!


Hi Alex,

Thanks for keeping us updated - hope you're getting some rest now and so is Lewis. So glad to hear things seem to be moving in the right direction for Snowy even if slowly, I hope things continue to improve.

And thanks for keeping us updated re Snowygirl as well.

Take care of yourself. xx


Hope your eating meals also to keep you going.Love to you all and hope all goes to plan and gets better and stronger over time and all praying for her .love glynis xxx


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