Snowy - Friday

Well it was another eventfull night/day today for 2 reasons. Firstly the monitor alarms went off 4 times and had docs with her most of the night, they have now diagnosed whats else is wrong (along with all the previous!)

She has VAP - Ventilator associated pneumonia, if I got that right? apparently its caused from being on it for too long and in the same position etc and not being able to cough etc etc..

The infection is quite progressed and the consultant was very honest with me and said that due to her having the chest infection a few weeks ago when in, she will be at greater risk of it being multi drug resisitant, her white blood cells are very high, sats very low and lots of shadows on her lung x-ray, and a he told me things that is hard to say on here.. but im sure you can work out what he was trying to tell me/prepare me for..

On one level, they now know why the vital signs were going haywire all the time and why she reacted so badly to removing the chest drain.

The second catastrophy was at 5am this morning when I went to get a coffee I collapsed, what a doughnut! so since then I have been in a bed in a side room of ICU, with iv fluids and meds to stop me being sick, I know its just exhaustion and not eating/drinking properly and I know you all told me so,,,, but hey Im a man I dont listen! So the upshot is that I have not been able to be with her all day, they wont let me back in yet incase I have anything infectious so for the time being im stuck here... her mums just arrived and thankfully bought my laoptop which is great!

So all in all, a crap day, not telling lewis any of this yet, think he has enough to cope with for the time being.

Thanks snowygirl for all the help in translating into male english everthing they were telling me!

I just dont know what to think anymore, its hard being told each day that things are getting worse, sorry dont know what else to say right now


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  • I'm thinking of all of you all the time Alex. Praying as hard as I can.

  • Thinking of you all and the traumatic time for you all.My love and prayers go out to you all xxx

  • thinking of you all alex. hoping and praying for you all xxx

  • Oh no Alex, hard to know what to say except that I hope you at least are getting better and having some proper rest.

    I'm so sorry things seem to be taking a turn for the worse and the news wasn't good - except that as you say, at least now they know what the problem was and even if it's not good news they can start trying to do something about it which I would have thought must be better than not knowing and not having any treatment for that particular problem.

    Not much to add that would be helpful except as ever look after yourself too and we're all here for you and willing Snowy to make it through this.


  • thinking of you.

  • Oh Alex, you really are going through such a terrible time.

    Just want to say that Im thinking of you, Snowy and Lewis always and sending lots of love and prayers your way.

  • Alex, you've done so well too. Not being in the same room as Andrea must be a hard one to bear but you do need to get some strength back. No matter what the future holds. Like the rest of our forum, I have you all here at the forefront of my heart.


  • Praying for Andrea, you and Lewis.

  • Sorry to hear Snowy back in ITU, You and your son are being strong for snowy.

    Please take care & hope you are feeling better soon too.

    My love & prayers are with you all




  • Alex, so sorry to see what's happened, you're getting enforced rest now whether you like it or not. Thinking and praying for your family at this difficult time. Take care.

  • Thanks everyone

    Im unwired and drip free yippeeee

    But im bored, what do you guys do all day when your in??? Ive never really been in hospital. just spent endless time being the visitor! ive only been here since 5am this morning and im climbing the walls, guess it does not help knowing shes next door and i cant be with her and im in a room on my own! but guess I shouldnt moan.

    Hopefully her mum will update me on the latest of how she is soon

    PS: snowygirl thinks its hillarious that im amlonst tied to the bed and forced to rest and that it will teach me a lesson in listening to people and looking after myself! Hummm I dont hold out much hope!


  • hi Alex, keep us company on here.Laptop games,music,radio,Do a blog, google about,read,tv, sleep and more sleep x

  • Alex, I'm so sorry to hear that Snowy has another infection, and that all of this finally took its toll on your poor, tired body. It's great that you've had some IV fluids, and that you're getting some enforced rest, though I'm sure it must be really hard to be so close to Snowy and yet not able to see her.

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts, as ever.


  • Alex dont give up hope, she is still fighting. The doctors are trying their best, her body will do the rest, God is able too turn things around too. You need to look after yourself to cause you saw what happens to astrong man who does not eat, sleep etc. Now the docs are helping you to get back to fitness.

    I am praying for you both and send my love. I know you cant write what they told you, you dont have too. But I have had friend with asthma in coma and 18mths in hospital, another with 1 lung who survived asthma attack, after months in ITU. The 1st lady got married later and had 2 children and becan nursing in the same hospital that looked after her. The other lady learnt to walk again and went on vacation last year.

    The doctors try to save life right so they are trying,I pray her body starts to respond to there ministrations.


  • its been yet another eventful day yes, but we will get there, hey alex?! she's a fighter :) she WILL prove all the docs wrong...

    positive news starts tomorrow!!

    as for alex: hmmm... what did i say about looking after yourself?? grrr...

    glad to know ur free of the iv fuids and wireless now, take advantage of all the REST!!!!

    so you can recover and be strong enough to be there for snowy when she needs you most :)

    here for you as always, texts, medical translation, and hugs anytime

    stay strong! xxx

  • Snowygirl, you can become my personal medical translator!

    I think its great how you can read x-rays over a phone and guess medical terms esp when I cant even spell them lol

    You have a job for life, although you would think that the amount of times she is ill I would be more clued up by now!!


  • haha - my lungs maybe stroppy rite now and stopping me from my job in ITU, but i can still put my professional knowledge/ career to good use :)

    comes in handy if it gives you reassurance that she is in safe hands, doing okay as can be and we WILL get there :) one day at a time. think of how much gone thru already ;)

    no more 5am coffees!

    x x x

  • you will have to stay awake with me then otherwise sorry is the coffee!!, what else am I supposed to use eh? when you drop off the sleep and stop replying to me lol (only kidding!)


  • if it means u stay awake u can text me anytime of nite for support etc - u know that :)

    but really u should be resting at home or even if u cant feel u can leave snowy at least in the chair still texting :P


  • Thankyou, and yes I do know that, and remember when she does wake up I am going to show her the text that you sent that says that you love me !""!



  • Thinking of you all Xx

  • ..... MEANT FOR ANDREA!!! (snowy!!)


  • well I know that, and you know that but cant speak for my wife !!!!


  • YEY im out of here

    Finally been let out, still wont let me in to see her, so I guess Im resigned to going home for the night, hopefully they will let me in tomorrow.

    Night all


  • fantastic news!

    glad they let u escape, pity u cudnt use ur planned escape route though, that would have been quite amusing for the nurses to see and a funny story to tell snowy when she wakes up :)

    anyways hope they let you in today, give her big hugs today from the other snowy ;)

    x x x

  • Hi Alex,

    Hope you slept well, and that you're feeling stronger today. Still thinking about you all and hoping that there will be some improvements in Snowy's condition today.


  • Morning, Alex. I hope you managed to sleep last night, and that you've eaten something this morning!

    I know it's hard, and a bit of a cliche, but you need to keep thinking positively. It's the best way to keep yourself going, and I really believe that (when you're finally allowed back in to see her) Snowy will be able to sense that you are confident that she's improving, which can only help her keep fighting.

    Much love to all of you.


  • moning alex

    hope you got some sleep and good food in you now! been sending out postitve thoughts for you all so hoping that someone somewhere is hearing how much support you all have.

    Geina xx

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