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I have a really bad cold

This weekend I came down with a really bad cold which I am taking beachams all in all for but this does seem to be helping, I have also tried to steam myself with obas oil but this is only affective for a short while.

I have been off work for the past two day as I have no energy and finding it extremely difficult to sleep or breath at times. I work with students with special needs so their are not very good at keeping their germs to their selfs.

This is affecting my asthma as I feel tight chested, coughing and find it hard to breath. I am really feed up at the moment I really want to go back to work but I just am not really feeling to well.

I have been to the doctors today he checked me to see if I had a chest infection he said my chest was clear he also did my peak flow which is not to bad at the moment. He told me to double the does of my inhalers. So now I am on 8 puffs of my seretide 250 and reliever every 4 hours he said to do this to keep me out of trouble. He said if I am feelings no better to go back a see him. He gave me some pred and I am on monkulast already.

Is there anything else that I could do to make myself feel better as I really do not feel well at all? thanking you in advance.


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You poor thing, colds are horrible aren't they, I do hope you start to feel better soon


I take vit C and mutli vit every day. Takes a while to build up in system but I think it has helped. The last 2 colds I had didnt go on my chest, although I felt rough (and wheezy) for about 4 days. Definitely worth taking vit C (500mg a day) and drink plenty of fluids. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


I know how you feel going through the same, have been of work for two weeks because of asthma attacks and then the cold hits me. I have been told its also not on my chest even through my asthma is struggling, drs where not sure how to treat me as I also have adrenal gland problems.

I have been advised that rest is the only cure so make sure you stay of work until you feel 100% better. Get well soon Hugs Amanda x


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