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Had a really bad night last night

Last night I had a really tight chest and was feeling very short of breath, I had to take quite a lot of my blue inhaler to get things under control. Have not been feeling to good today I only got about 3 hours sleep last night with my asthma playing up.

So I may have to go and see the asthma doctor again.

I have my own porta neb at home but I do not have any nebs for it that the moment. I used to have them but have run out. I am going to ask the doctor for some more to keep at home but they keep telling me that 10 puffs of my blue inhaler is the same as a nebuilzer. But I feel the 10 puffs are'nt as effective as the neb! Does anyone else find this?


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Hi Rachel, There's been a lot of debate on the forum about nebulisers versus 10 puffs of reliever. I can't remember the last thread but there were lots of posts on the subject. Personally I don't find the 10 puffs are nearly as effective as the nebuliser. One GP told me it's partly psychological but I'm not sure.

Best thing to do is make an appointment to see your GP asap to get checked out, and ask about the nebuliser at the same time. Good luck and I hope things improve for you.


I wonder if part of the fact that nebulisers seem more effective is that they require less respiratory effort than inhalers? I know when I'm feeling really tight, it feels as though I can't breathe in hard enough to get the full benefit of the inhaler, though I'm sure this is helped by using a spacer...

It sounds as though you're quite poorly, and could probably do with some input from your GP. Hope you feel better soon!


10 puffs is the same as a neb, and are just as effective as a neb its just that using a neb requires less respiratory effort and so after using spacer an inh u always feel more breatless so you feel as if it doesn't do anything, not as effective?

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