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How long does it take for the Clinil modulite inhaler to work?

I am in the process of being diagnosed with asthma and I have started taking Clinil modulite twice a day 2 puffs. I have been taking this inhaler for 3 weeks and I haven't noticed any improvment and I am using my Ventolin inhaler more and more. I am coughing so much at times I am actually being sick, sleep well that is just a joke. Waking at regular intervals and having to use my Ventolin inhaler to help stop me coughing. I suffer with hayfever so I don't think this is helping either. People at work have nicknamed me Seal. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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It might be that this inhaler is not the one for you. What works for one person will not work for others. If you have been taking it for 3 weeks with no improvement it is worth asking your doctor or asthma nurse whether you need to try an alternative.

Hope you get some relief soon.




Will give the Drs a ring in the morining and see if I can get an appoinmtent, things can only get better I guess. Just don't like the thought it could take some time before I start to feel better regarding having to try different inhalers, oh well better learn some patients!!


Seal, I'd definitely return to your GP: Clenil is often the first one GPs try because it is cheaper than many other preventers. I found it made me cough uncontrollably when I tried it. I'm sure if you talk to your doctor they will trial you on alternatives.



Well I decided to increase the dose of the Clinil inhaler and it worked. Saw my fav Gp today who changed the inhaler to the amount that i have increased it to. Still a tad confused as he talked about a step down to the lower dose maybe when my hayfever is finished. I am feeling so much better now although still a tad confused, will need to talk to practise nurse about a asthma plan, looks like today was the day I was diognosed :-(


Have you got a spacer to use with it? Helped me a bit when the non CFC propellant came in but still changed to another type inhaler in the end. Could be worth looking at if you're still struggling once the clenil dose is steady, mine's now a combined steroid & salmeterol dry powder inhaler (Seretide Accuhaler 250).


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