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high blood pressure


My blood pressure way too high which it never used to be, was always 120/80 but now 140/90 on a good day and bottom one can be over 100 which i know is awfully high.

My doc has said it's due to all the beta-angonists that i am having to take as asthma so uncontrolled. Am on regular ventolin & antrovent nebbs, theophylline and then large amounts of reliever inhaler inbetween to keep my PF above even 60% of best.

At 26 having high blood pressure isn't good, and doc talking about putting me on meds for it but is saying that 26 is very young to have to go on them, but concerned about long term effects. I try not to be on pred all year round, usually about 5/6 months out of the year. Managed to only have 2 short courses since beginning of year and had hoped that BP would settle down but no such luck.

My GP is great and is keeping a good eye on it and helps a lot with my asthma.

I didn't know whether the high blood pressure was a common thing with severe / brittle asthma. Does anyone else experience this? I always associated high blood pressure with being older and overweight, have lost some of the steroid weight and am size 14/16 now but not back down to where i was about a size 10/12, as can't be as active.

just having a rant really as am fed up with not being able to do the things i want or used to be able to do. Lungs just generally grumpy and could do with a day off from it :-)


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Prednisolone can raise the blood pressure. Stress can also raise the blood preassure have u tried relaxation therapy. No laffing may help.



Yes, I do relaxation exercises and breathing exercises that the chest physio has taught me, try to do them everyday. It helps with my asthma control and not to get too stressed by asthma symptoms but unfortunately not done anything for the BP :-(


my bp goes up n down like a yo yo but the last time i had to go to hosp the paramedics reading was 160 summit over 150 summit so very high. maybe your doc could do what mine did n put you on a monitor for a day that you wear even to bed so that you will know what raises it ....just a thought...keep up the relaxation x


hi like jay said i think being given a monitor to check it out might be the best thing for you to reduce your stress levels. i had my blood pressure monitored for a while as it was low then high within a space of time while at the gp surgery. also buy a monitor if your worried about it that could give you a better picture of things.


Hi ya,

I would buy a blood pressure monitor and measure your blood pressure at home for a few weeks, to take the stress out of DR visits. You can get a cheap one at boots for around 20GBP. Measure your pressure at the same time of day about 2 or three times a day. and take 3 measurements. Then keep a record for a few weeks and go back and see your gp. More exercise if your asthma isn't too bad will help, as will reducing salt and lowering weight. I thought that I had a real problem with blood pressure until I did this and found that my blood pressure was fine. (This was the advice my GP gave me) I don't take steroids all the time, but I do find when my asthma is very bad I don't exercise as much as should, and then you get out of the habit.

Any way best of luck



Thanks for the replies. I am going to chat to my resp nurse next week and see what she says. I will mention about the 24 hr monitor that u guys spoke about, and home monitor. Am back on pred so hope things stay around the same bp wise.


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