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Blue lips?


Hope everyone is keeping reasonably well at the moment?

I have a problem and was just wondering if anyone else has the same or could help?

I quite often get told that i have blue lips, infact, as recently as this morning in class, but although i dont feel like death, but as i look at at mirror i do see my lips as being blue aswell. My friends also say im sounding quite breathless, but i, really not feeling that bad. Is it possible that i have just gotten used to this feeling so im not noticing it as much?


Thanks for the messages. I went to see my asthma nurse today and have been told i have a chest infection.They didnt seem to concered about the blue lips, so hopefully there right! And i do think my lips are less blue, if that can be possible!

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I don't think that sounds good, even if you don't feel that bad. If I was you I'd make an appointment with my GP/nurse asap to get it checked out.


Yeah, I'd get checked out. Quickly.


Blue Lips = A&E Please!


As you have blue lips you need may need medical help, please phone 999 for an ambulance or go to A&E.


Blue lips = 999 for urgent attention. Please get medical help ASAP


god i hope you have been checked over. blue lips surely indicate that you arent getting enough oxygen. ive had this when my pf was under 100 and my sats were in the 80's when i was having a bad attack. my eyes were sunken too and i wasnt well at all so i hope you have got help x



Hope you went to the hospital to get sorted asap,

I also had blue lips alot and went AnE and ended staying for a day or so.

had lots of tests on heart and lungs,scans,xrays etc,

It was only people telling me they were blue I new about it and passed out sometimes with it.

Anyhow ended up to be asthma and on meds for it and keeping an eye on me.

The hospital seemed ok now about my lips going bluish and always every morning when get

out of bed I can see them when blueish brushing my teeth in the mirror.

Best getting checked up and then you will know what to do when it happens.

I usualy take few puffs of inhaler and seem to go ok and would get help when needed.

good luck and take care,

love Glynis xxx


Hi lindsaymloo,

Glad to hear your ok, maybe having a chest infection affects you like that.If your still getting the blue lips when you finish antibiotics then it needs to be investigated.If you start having breathing or asthma probs then go to gp/a&e



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