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Really sore throat

Have recently been prescribed Qvar and Oxis. My throat is so sore and my voice keeps disappearing, in spite of rinsing my mouth out and cleaning my teeth after each inhalation. Can anyone suggest a remedy for easing this. I cannot see any evidence of fungal infection. Is this a common occcurence, I am not used to taking medication for my asthma.

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I was recommended Peroxyl available at boots - mouthwash

really helped sore throat and croaky voice, recommended by fellow AUK member, sorry can't remember who but was very good.

good luck


I use mouthwash regularly and suck throat antiseptic lozengers when my throat is really bad.


try taking the Qvar through an aerochamber or able spacer, that might help. Have a drink afterwards as well to reove any residues from the back of your throat.


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