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Continued Asthma problems


In July I was admitted to hospital for ten days, For Acute Asthma, I was Home for seven days & readmitted for 14 days which included a a stay in ITU (not ventilated).

I have continued to experience moderate symptoms since, and have not been able to return to work.

this is now week 12, today reviewed by gp & now brewing second chest infection in a month & signed off for a further month. Has any one experienced continued symptoms like this? Or is any one else currently experiencing this & is this ""normal""

ps, I am on Salbutamol 2.5mg nebs 4 times a day, pulmicort nebs 1mg twice a day, reducing dose prednisalone, aminophyline 450mg twice a day, seretide 500mg twice a day, montelukast 10mg, telfast 180mg by 1 a day. + calcium protection. & antibiotics.

Also going to RBH in two weeks for out patient review.

many thanks for taking the time to read my message.

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hi arg

I went through a very rough patch around three years ago where i just seemed to go in circles one thing after another. The trouble is once you are uncontrolled it takes a while to get the control back and being un controlled weakens your body which means you get ill more often.

Be easy on yourself and chat to people on here they will be happy to support you and be your friend



I had similar problem at start of the year. Was off for 112 days and so keen to get back to work when I did I lasted 2 days before going of sick again. For another 3 weeks. All I can say is you gotta listen to the body . I had shortness of breath and a tight band all the time. At work they record length of sickness and number of times off sick. It would have been better staying of longer then having more episodes.


Dont worry I am going through the same thing at the moment max treatment not helping..... just have to be patient and build up your strengh..... take it easy! I am having more tests to get to the bottom of why I have gone down hill mainly due to the complexity of my case....


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