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Diabetes and Asthma


just been diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and wondered if there is anybody else who got asthma and diabetes? Had brittle asthma for years so im used to dealing with that. Im just finding fitting in blood testing, injecting insulin and remembering to eat with taking asthma meds, and nebs abit of a pain. I have a busy homelife with 3 kids, so its trying to fit everything in. Also being on pred all the time doesnt help the blood sugars, so they are harder to control.

All best


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Hey when i was in hospital back in october 08, i remeber loads of people having both asthma and diabetes. I am not sure why but it seemed quite a common thing. Also once when i was taken in to hospital they checked my blood sugars reguarly. I wonder if there is some link of something, hopefully someone in the know will be along soon



I think there is a link cos lots of people with bad asthma will be on pred. And pred can uncover a susceptibility (sp?) to diabetes!

Don't really know much though!

Rachel xx.


Hi seahorse

Hope you're feeling ok and the spots have settled??If you've already had chickenpox unless it was really very mild (half a dozen spots or less) then you shouldn't get it again- but you could get shingles if you've been in contact with chickenpox. If you still have the rash and they are looking blistery or you're just not sure it's better to get it seen by a Dr to get it checked it out. Hope that helps

take care F


Sorry everyone have just realised I've posted this in completely the wrong message- BIG apologies- I don't know how to delete it!!

Sorry F


Is the link being overwight. Many asthmatics suffer weightwise because of the pred and exercise issues and obesity seems to be a primary cause of diabetes.


The link isn't really weight, but it's more likely to be frequent/long-term oral steroids, which can alter your body's handling of glucose. Steroids do, however, also cause weight gain/obesity, which in itself could be a causative factor in diabetes (but NB not everyone who is obese will get diabetes).


Seahorse - I was diagnosed with diabetes in Oct '08 and am now in Levemir and Novorapid. Im also a steroid depentent brittle asthmatic(with numerous other health probs) and 3 kids so i can relate extremely well with what you are going through. Are you on a premix insulin or 2 different ones(basal/bolus?)

Please pm me i have found an extremely good way of controlling my diabetes and reduced my insulin



I went to an asthma uk conference last year and one of the doctors talking about asthma and genetics, can't remember his name but he was from scotland said that there is a genetic link (they think) between some type 1 diabetics and asthma. I wish I could remember more but apparently it is quite a common connection.




Hi seahorse

I have severe/difficult asthma and have also just been diagnosed with diabetes, but I'm type 11 and am starting on tablets as of tomorrow, my sugars are really high which ecplains why I feel so ill at the moment, hopefully they will get under control or I've got to go into hospital- happy days!!I've been told that it is a result of having been on steroids for so long- theoretically maybe if I ever get off them the diabetes may resolve????

Hope you're getting the hang of things

Takke care Fi


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