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Chest pain, sore throat and fatigue

For the last 3 years I have a problem with a chest pain, sore throat and fatigue. I’ve always known I have been allergic to animals, but when I avoid them I’m fine. I also had asthma when I was a child. When I do any form of exercise it will make the chest pain worse. For the previous 10 years I’ve been able to exercise without any breathing issues at all.

I’ve been to numerous specialists and after various lung function tests they have confirmed I do not have asthma, and that my lung function is very good, even though I’m in pain. I’ve also had a number of skin prick tests, and its confirmed I’m allergic to animals and moulds. They have all said that there is nothing they can do and that I need to avoid what I’m allergic to, though they can’t pinpoint what it is. but I need to get used to living with my condition. I’ve tried asthma medication like symbicort, and becotide, and also tried antihistamines, but they don’t appear to help at all. One of the health conditions that I have researched on the internet called Costochondritis, seems to have very similar symptoms as the pain seems to be around my ribs. However my GP doesn’t seem to think its this because I haven’t had trauma to my chest and ibuprofen doesn’t seem to help.

I recently took 4 weeks holiday abroad so that I could be away from work and my house, to see if my health improved. There was a gradually improvement and I felt quite good by the end of the holiday. I stayed at a friends house for the 1st night I got back to the UK, and still felt fine, despite that house having had dogs living there until reasonable recently. Within 2 hours of getting back to my own house my chest and throat started hurting and within 2 days I feel constantly tired again as I’m finding it hard to sleep.

I’ve tried using an air steriliser but this doesn’t seem to make much difference, and have cleaned the house a lot. I moved house about a year ago, and I sometimes think that I have managed to bring something with me that is causing the problem. The house had new carpets when I moved in, and I know these affect me, but other new carpets have not affected me after a year. I recently spoke to Allergy UK, and they suggested it might be a chemical sensitivity, and I should ask my GP to refer me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, which I will do very shortly.

This is really affecting my life, as I struggle in work, and I can’t do a lot of the things that I used to enjoy. Does anybody have any advice about Costochondritis or chemical sensitivity? Does anyone know if its possible to do air quality tests in my home?

Sorry, I know I’ve put this on an asthma forum, but I thought it was worth asking.



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Hi MIke,

Just popping by and thought I'd say hello.

I too have more symptoms at home than on holiday. Asthma was so much better on holiday this year around Ross & Sutherland. Perhaps I need a strong gale force wind blowing off the sea to clear the airways. Have two cats and lucky enough only to be allergic to grass pollen according to pinprick test.

Someone asked about Costochondritis just recently on the boards. Search on Costochondritis and a list of conversations will come up.

Don't know about the air surveys in a domestic house. Perhaps a search on the net might find something? Sorry not to be of more help.

GM :)


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