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Could anybody tell me whether Seretide is a stronger inhaler than Symbicort? Or is it that they are just completely different medications. I have had a higher peak flow with Seretide but have recently been put on Symbicort because of the shakiness I had from Seretide. My peak flow won't go over 400 now so am planning to go back and see asthma nurse.


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Hi Sammie,

You don't say what dose seretide you had or what symbicort you have, but basically 200mcg of seretide is equivalent to 400mcg of symbicort. So with symbicort you should have a higher dose to do the same job.

The shakiness from the seretide was most likely caused by the salmeterol component, and symbicort uses formoterol as it's long acting beta agonist, the component that keeps you airways open for 12 hours plus.


I was on total of 1000mcg Seretide (2 puffs twice daily) and am now on 600mcg of Symbicort (3 puffs twice daily) along with 400mcg budesonide (2 puffs twice daily). So similar amounts.


To get the equivalent 1000mcg fluticasone in budesonide you need 2000mcg, but the max dose permitted for budesonide is 1600mcg daily. See chart below for comparison doses.



i have asthma, was diagnosed since childhood. i use to be very healthy i don't take any inhalers or asthma medicines untill early last year, i started using ventoline inhaler i found it very good but it has worsen my asthma now i get an attack almost every day and i can not stand the cold weather, i get hay fever rhinitis almost every 3 to 4 weeks. i consulted my doctor he prescribed symbicort for me but infact i don't know what it does i don't feel anything when i inhale it so i have stoped. i don't know what to do now. hmm i need help.

I wish that one day they will get a cure for asthma.



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