I am currenty in hospital and having severe attacks every 4 weeks. I dont absorb prednilsone so on Dexamethason as its very stron can only be on it for a week so after a while things get worse. I am not in my specilist hospital and the hospital I'm in (my local) have surggested theophylline when I leave. I been investigating on the web this drug and notice you have to stick to the same brand. How do they decide what brand to put you on?

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  • hi bizkid

    To be honest the brand of theophyline that a hospital uses very much depends on which one their pharmacy stocks-which can be a case of whatever is cheapest at the time. I know that sounds synical but i do think that its very much the case. Different pct's also use different brands i was started on theophyline at a hospital whilst on hols and it was different to the one they used at my hospital. Different brands are absorbed differently hence the need to stick to the same brand. It is usually a case of monitoring your levels and tweeking the dosage if you do change brand. Hope that helps. Lv kat Xx

  • yeah that does sounds like the NHS.... I was just wondering if different ones worked differently or people on some people etc.

  • hi bizkid

    I suppose you could say they do as its all about absorption. I dont know whether a specific brand absorbs the same in everyone or whether it varies etc but i do know thats the reason you should stick to a specific brand. Hope that helps Xx

  • I have just been put on a long term course of dexamethasone 8mg daily as i cant take any of the theophline/montiluclast tablets as they just dont work.

  • Theophyline and montelukast as 2 very different drugs, they work in very different ways.

    For theophylline to work it has to be at certain level in your body most hospital use a scale of 1-10 sub theraputic 10-20 theraputic 20+ too much and you will feel like you have the worlds worst hangover. In order to check theophyline levels they need to take your blood 4-6 hours after you have taken it and from there they can raise or lower the dose to get the right one for you. You should also have regular follow up bloods done for levels as over time things can change slightly and it means a dosage adjustment might be needed.

    Montelukast is supposed to be very good for atopic asthma (allergy related) but I am allergic to it so I don't know much about it.

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