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Cold and no management plan!

I think I might be coming down with a cold and worked out that I have no management plan I just been making it up as I go along (Have asked but Drs want to get the full picture first). I know you cant give advice but what you most of you do? I have some extra steriods that I was thinking of starting as I always end up in hospital when I have a cold!

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hi bizkid

best to see your gp.see what you are taking and ask again what can you increase when you are having a rough time and need extra help for lungs.Push for an answer if you always end in hosp and send for a action plan to fill in free from AUK ,love Glynis xxx


I'd to really push my Asthma nurse to put it all down in black and white. Feel more in control now I can see the guidelines set specifically for me. I'd push some more. Say it'll stop you asking for an appt when you don't need one. Less taking up their time, etc..etc.

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