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Persisting rib pain, has anyone had this?

Hi everyone, was just wondering if any of you had experienced this before as I have only been diagnosed with asthma for a year. 8 weeks ago I had a severe asthma attack requiring several nebs and eventual hospitalisation on O2, steroids and antihistamines as it was complicated by exposure to an another allergen that caused anaphylactoid-like reaction.

I had coughed severely for days and it took another week despite very high dose of pred. at the time I had stabbing pains on left side of ribs and a feeling like my lungs were being squashed and caught by my rib cage. Was told at the time it was prob intercostal strain from all the coughing but 8 weeks on and despite my asthma and allergic reaction to be under control am still experiencing ribs pain and they are popping or jumping occasionally. Was beginning to wonder if this was normal and would just take longer to heal. Could any of you help please?

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While I didn't have the coughing fit, or Pred, in fact completely fine, I did have period of about 6 weeks with a constant pain in my left ribs, just like being stabbed, and numb/weak left arm. I don't know what caused it, but will check this week when I get a review, and hopefully I'll be able to answer it unless someone else knows. I'd just put it down to side effects of the meds, as thats some of them.



Any new, unexplained or persistent chest pain should be properly investigated, I often ""pull"" and intercostal muscle but I always get it checked out because once I had pneumonia and it made me very poorly with a long stint in hospital, its about the only thing I see my GP for :)


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