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I have some how more or less survived my first few weeks at uni :) and its great! But I've caught the freshers flu going round!

The problem is I'm now over the cold, but I'm struggaling with a cough thats got onto my chest, I was wondering how I know if i need anti b's or if its just viral? I don't want to waste the GP's time if it's just viral. I've put my pred up but was wondering if theres anything else I can do?

thank you!


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That is a hard one

Is your nose still producing gunk? ie is that running down your throat and you coughing that up?

Is your peak flow low? So could it be inflammation left, ie aggrivated asthma?

What colour gunk are you producing?

If in doubt go for a chat with your GP, they will be happy to see an unsure asthmatic rather than an ill asthmatic that left it too late.



With a viral chest infection you will also have a raised temperature, with a bacterial infection you won't. Unless you have medical training the only thing to do is see your GP, sooner rather than later, as either infection can be a beast to get rid of if it gets itself deep set.

I get them so often now that I CAN tell the difference, and as such I have my own supply of antibiotics at home - but that's only because I was trained as a paramedic for my work.

Please see your GP immediately you even think you have a chest infection as that will make it easier for him to treat it. Believe me, he/she would rather find that your chest is clear than have to treat a deep set infection.


Just a quick point of order, you can get a raised temp with baterial infections. If you are long term pred you often don't get a temp as pred is excellent at masking early additional symptoms so you go from feeling a bit rubbish - in my case emotional and snarky but not outward signs to running a huge fever in 40+ range.



I always get a raised temp with bacterial infection.

My general rule is if yellow Gunk it is usually viral but if green gunk it is Bacterial and then I feel grotty too.

I can feel grotty with the asthma if it is viral too but no temp really.


Hey, thanks 4 the info guys, unfortunatly i couldnt get a gp appointment till fri, but i wasnt 2 bad so didnt worry about asking 4 a sooner appointment. But on fri in my new unis gp surgery i had a attack, so scared my new gp, who phoned 999 and landed up in the uni teaching hosp where i am now, 2 and a half hours away from home home! Oops. But ive learnt my lesson if in doubt find out quick! Ally x ps. Urll be pleased 2 know im on anti bs nw in hosp


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