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Is it Asthma

Hi All

Im new to this so apologies if I shouldnt be posting here. Basically im just curious as to whether I have Asthma or not and whether my experiences are the same as anyone elses.

Just after Christmas I got a cold that turned into a chest infection (id never previously had one), I soldiered on however I had a bad very painful cough that got worse. After gallons of cough medicine I went to the docs in Feb and ended up with one course of antibiotics followed by another course of a differnt one a few weeks later. Got a lot better but was left with an ongoing cough with a bit of green/yellow phlegm (gross I know - sorry) and an occasional wheeze. Had an Xray which was clear (apart from a mild Pectus Evacatum which is not related or an issue). At time of the xray I got a blue inhaler. Peak Flow was fine. Also then got given the brown inhaler. Started to slowly feel a change cough slowly getting better. Went for Spirometry (however had my blue inhaler 4 1/2 hours before as I didnt think not to take it) - told that was above average and told to see the doc again in two weeks time. Saw the doc again - said that I was slowly getting better but that during the past week id had one coughing fit in the night and one early morning. I got put on a 10day course of Predislone which I come off this Thursday and that has made a big difference to the cough its almost complete gone - im also on some prescribed anti-histomines to see if they help

The Head of the Practice Doctor thinks ive got mild asthma, another doctor there thinks it still could be post viral from the Chest infection. Guess im confused and concerned. For reference, im a 35 year old non smoker - not had asthma before - I am over weight although not stupidly and I am addressing this.

Thanks for any comments you can offer.

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well, it's not easy to tell 4 sure, but a repeat spirometry would be advisable, and one without taking the ventolin before hand. The other thing, has the peakflow readings gone up as you've got better? They are not conclusive, but offer some indication of how things are in general.

Spirometry is the only way to show reversabilty, and FEV patterns, which can confirm asthma,, and not the actual figures.

From what you have posted, I would be inclined to agree with the other doc, that you are still recovering, or have a residual infection, that needs addressing, and/or maybe some for of season allergy as well.


The symptoms of asthma are shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and a tight chest. These symptoms might be worse at night and early morning and can range from mild to severe. In case of exposure to a certain allergen it might trigger or worsen the condition. Most of the people experience symptoms occasionally though few people have problems all the time.


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