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Doctor wants to reduce not so sure :(

hi hope everyone is well or getting well :)

This is my dilema and any advice would be greatfully recieved.

the last time i saw my consultant he suggested that that we spread out my Kenalog injection from every 4 weeks to every 5, and at the time i think i just got a bit excited and said yes, however i am actually a bit worried about it as so far this year i have had 5 courses of prednisolone, 3 courses of antibiotics, a peak flow chart that looks like the himalayas, and 2 visits to A&E, compared to 2 courses of prednisolone last year.

i dont feel that my asthma is controlled but i dont want to go against my consultants decision.

any thoughts welcome,

thanks Becca

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I know how you feel because I am also in a similar situation to you.

When I saw my consultant last month it was mentioned that my medication be reduced they were referring to my Flixotide 250 inhaler, but like you I am not sure whether this is a good idea at the moment because I was at A&E yesterday and I am also back on steroid tablets.

I will be following this topic with interest to see what advise you get from others


Sometimes you just have to face the fear and do it otherwise you will never know. I have just been having a meds reduction yes mine was whilst in hospital but about 6 drugs were removed and over time can be added back if needed.

Ypu can always step back up!


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