Doctor wants to reduce not so sure :(

hi hope everyone is well or getting well :)

This is my dilema and any advice would be greatfully recieved.

the last time i saw my consultant he suggested that that we spread out my Kenalog injection from every 4 weeks to every 5, and at the time i think i just got a bit excited and said yes, however i am actually a bit worried about it as so far this year i have had 5 courses of prednisolone, 3 courses of antibiotics, a peak flow chart that looks like the himalayas, and 2 visits to A&E, compared to 2 courses of prednisolone last year.

i dont feel that my asthma is controlled but i dont want to go against my consultants decision.

any thoughts welcome,

thanks Becca

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  • I know how you feel because I am also in a similar situation to you.

    When I saw my consultant last month it was mentioned that my medication be reduced they were referring to my Flixotide 250 inhaler, but like you I am not sure whether this is a good idea at the moment because I was at A&E yesterday and I am also back on steroid tablets.

    I will be following this topic with interest to see what advise you get from others

  • Sometimes you just have to face the fear and do it otherwise you will never know. I have just been having a meds reduction yes mine was whilst in hospital but about 6 drugs were removed and over time can be added back if needed.

    Ypu can always step back up!

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