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emergency pred

hey folks,

i always have an emergency 5 day supply of pred at home, and have been using it this week. it's usually enough to settle by day 4, but doesn't seem to be this time. anyhoo, doctors surgery was less than helpful, and can't get into see a doc.

if i end up at urgent care with a bigger attack, do they issue pred too? what about the walk-in centres? obviously i'm trying to avoid the big blue flashy lights and little green men....

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OOH might be an idea to get into contact with you dont need to wait until a bigger attack and yes the Walk in Centers etc can issue with 5 days worth of pred but they might want to send you in if pred hasnt been helping (usually a bit more careful than your own GP)


i have had steroids from a walk in centre a few times and out of hours docs and AnE,

Ask your doc if can have some more for emergency over xmas xxx


Really sorry to hear that your 'rescue' Pred isn't clearing things up, and surprised that your GP surgery can't get you in for an appointment. They're supposed to take any emergency consultation for asthma really seriously - they certainly do at mine.

I second what everyone else has said about getting in touch with your out-of-hours service or walk-in clinic, and think it would be well worth chatting to your GP soon about having a supply for Christmas. It's always difficult getting access to heathcare over Christmas, and annoying if all you want is a couple more days of Pred! I also have a supply of antibiotics and strict guidance about when to start the course. Pretty useful to be able to keep me out of hospital long enough to see my GP for further instructions about what to do!

Hope you feel better soon, and that whoever you see over the weekend is helpful.



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