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Change in symptoms

After a few weeks of feeling more in control of my asthma and even managing some gentle exercise I'm now finding my asthma seems to be creeping up on me.

I've gone from gradual dips that I can spot with PF monitoring and an increase in night time probs, to feeling fine one minute and really tight and short of breath the next. There doesn't seem to be any obvious cause and it's left me feeling a bit panicky. Mostly my lungs seem to be responding to salbutamol when this happens which is good but these random dips don't seem to match my am and pm PF readings- and having just recently got to grips with regular monitoring this is not helpful with knowing when to increase meds.

Is this just a normal pattern of asthma that I've just not had before and is likely to pass? I will go to see my asthma nurse if it doesn't settle but just wondered if anyone had a similar experience or any tips?

Any advice welcome - thank you!

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hmm, after a roller coster couple of days I am thinking that maybe the random dips aren't random but instead are just triggers repeating themselves on me - can this happen?

Sorry that doesn't read like it makes sense - so for example, I'd had a good night and felt fine this morning so dusted and did housework but this did set chest off - it settled- but them has kept catching me out at various points during the day, despite settleing each time with my reliever. Can triggers have a delayed and repeating effect or am I just going a bit mad trying to find a reason that can be fixed so that I can be back in control!!



I hope your feeling a bit better?

Firstly, your've got the best reason not to do any housework! hehe, is there someone else that could do more? and you stick with the non dusty jobs?

Then If you asthma is controlled you shouldn't be getting these dips, have you tried an anti-hystamine? it might be worth asking your GP for one? and to see what effect this has? Also have you ever had allergy tests? as there maybe something triggering you, that perhaps you hadn't realised?

Best of luck!

Hopefully someone else will be around soon to offer some more tips!

ally x


Hi Lee,

I see you are on singulair, so that should take care of what I was going to suggest, hayfever, but you don't say how recent this change has been, if it's recent, then some form of seasonal allergy would be the obvious choice, but I wouldn't wait to see if it settles down, go and see your GP, and explain things to him. If you want you could try some over the counter remedy like Piriteze, or Loretadine which is really cheap from tescos, that takes care of most airbourne allergens, and sis something you could do immediately.


Thank you for the replies Ally and Woody-som! Ally, today has been a bit better, I've upped meds and managed to get some sleep today so feel more rested.

I'm never quite sure when to visit my surgery unless I've had a really horrid attack or run of bad nights so your prompts have pushed me in the right direction instead of just opting for the wait and see approach (If I'm honest I am still prome to a fair amount of denial). I do already take an over the counter hayfever tablet but maybe these dips are seasonal (they've been happening for about 10 days Woody-som) - will see what GP says.

The allergy thing is interesting - the only things I know I react badly to is asprin/ibruprofen and orange squash. I'll try keeping a track of foods etc over a few days.

Thanks again

Lee :)


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