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Allergy testing and I LIKE that respiratory nurse!

Well - had skin prick allergy testing at the hospital today - showed absolutely NO reaction to any of it! The only bit that reacted was the ""control"" blob which showed that the test was valid.

Now.....I'm not surprised by this as I was pretty sure that my symptoms are not particularly linked to allergy triggers. My consultant on the other hand is likely to be more than a little surprised - we have been having a .........difference of opinion shall we say.......on the subject of my 4 cats. He was convinced I am allergic to them.........I SHALL enjoy my next appointment with him ;-)

On the other hand - I met a delightful respiratory nurse for the first time who was brilliant. She knew about my recent admission and asked if there was anything she could do to help. When I mentioned the fact that I still don't have a proper written action plan she was great - she's going to see me in a couple of weeks - I will take in all my PF etc recordings (thank you woody-som for the software!) and we will draw up an action plan.

She was BRILLIANT! I have a lot more faith in her than I do in my consultant - when I told her he had said we were running out of treatment options she was more than a little's hoping!

Just wanted to share really


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hi Feejay,

glad your allergy testing went well for you and you had a nice asthma nurse.

love Glynis xxx


Respiratory nurse

I'm so jealous, i used to find the respiratory nurse was better than the consultant. I moved hospitals to try and get my various conditions all treated by the same hospital and my new respiratory consultant won't let me have a respiratory nurse because my asthma is too 'difficult' and because I'm being treated by North West Lung Centre. What is a really annoying is the new consultant still wants to see me every month despite admitting he won't change anything because of NWLC. I'm lucky, if you can see it like that, that I'm not working at the moment whilst I'm doing the asthma protocol but it justs makes me cross that when I do go back to work its another hospital appointment to have to justify to work which is unnecessary.

I've spoken to NWLC about the situation and they think they are protecting their respiratory nurses. From my experience would seem unless you have 'text book' asthma they don't want to know. The idea was they wouldn't be in the dark because it there I end up when I have a bad attack.

Apologies for the moan, I hope you get some positive results Fee jay.


Hi my Son is the same has no allergies but has been told to take antihistermines through the summer as some allergies don't show up on the skin prick test. I'm allergic to cats but it didn't show up on my arm. If I walk in a house that has a cat I have a severe asthma attack.I'm also allergic to feathers but that didn't react either! Be prepared your consultant may still whinge but some things you cant live without. I'm allergic to most animals but we have giant lop bunnies outside and would never get rid of them but I'm careful about handling them as my asthma is brittle at the mo.They are part of our family and have been for a long time.

Glad you managed to get a good asthma nurse, that really helps. I'm not seeing a specialist yet, I think they are just chucking everything at me and see if it works. I'm on 7 different meds a day and still not happy with control yet.I don't think there's anything left to add.

Take care



Hi Feejay!

I also have a fantastic respiratory nurse she is amazing! She really goes out of her way to help me.

When i had just come out of hospital she got me help at home. She got me my prescription. She contacts my consultant if she doesnt know what to do. She is just fantastic. She wrote me an asthma plan also. I think respiratory nurses are fantastic! It is a shame not everyone can have one i think it would help people lots. To have someone who you can ring when you are unsure what to do or if you just have a question.



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