The new inhaler is definitely helping (Spiriva).....not out of the woods yet but things are definitely improving.

PF is coming up....still coughing and lungs are still twitchy and a bit grumpy but definitely getting better.

Consequently I'm not nearly as grumpy as I was and my family are breathing a sigh of relief (yes...I do take it out on everyone else!)

Fingers crossed the upwards swing continues....hugs to everyone who is struggling/captured.....

Long may it continue to all who are well

From a much happier Fee :o)

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  • hi fee

    Nice to here your climbing up a ladder to asthma control,you might take a few steps back then climb higher again.onwards and upwards xxx

  • Really good to hear happy stories here Fee!

    Long may you continue to feel better!!

    Best Wishes

    Chickstar x

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