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Feeling rather odd....any ideas?

Hi all,

Just a quick question. Been a bit pants this week asthma wise - on day 4 of prednisolone and the PF's are still swinging. Been taking a fair bit of ventolin today because of tight chest. Took some about an hour ago and feel a bit odd. Almost like I should be short of breath but I'm not - my lungs almost feel over inflated but I'm struggling a wee bit to get the air in and out. Not had this before....any ideas anyone? My PF is currently at 62% after ventolin so I'm not yet at action stations for little green men.


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About 6 weeks ago I had to use my reliever inhaler more than usual that day and during the night I woke up breathing as if I was over ventilating, the opposite of my usual struggling to breathe, is that what you mean FeeJay?


Well....kind of. Difficult to describe! Tight chest feeling is creeping on again - keeping a close eye on the PF's and symptoms as I've been caught out before just looking at PF's. The amount of firework/bonfire smoke around here is definitely not helping!


Sometimes if I've taken a lot of ventolin I feel shakey but in a way that makes me feel oddly out of breath. Like my lungs are too small but I'm getting enough air maybe? Tbh the only thing I've found helps is hot chocolate and distraction for an hour or so. If that's what your talking about anyway?


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