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I've got a week and a half of annual leave starting of course I wake up in the night with painful lungs and a deeply unpleasant cough!

Why is it every time I book some holiday I then get ill?

Husband will be home for the weekend (works away a lot) and we have a load of stuff planned and also for next week when kids are on half term...I really do NOT have time to be ill just now!

On a slightly more serious and less having a tantrum note (blush) I have upped the seretide again and will be starting the oral steroids tomorrow if no improvement (which I hate cos they send me just about off my head!).

My hospital appointment isn't till the 4th November and my GP just says I've exceeded the treatment level he can do and have to ""maintain"" until I can be seen by the hospital.


Anyone got any sage words of wisdom to help me out?


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Only one that I was told on here,if you go out in the cold put a scarf over your mouth to help lungs from getting


Hi Fee,

If your medication is as on your profile, you have room for more from your GP, but a hospital will be a good move.

Regarding staying well. Glynis has learnt something from us in her short time here, and it does work. What did your mother always say 'wrap up warm' and it's something I've noticed. You can go out and fell OK, but still get a chill across the chest or back, and that knocks you a bit, so put an extra layer or two on. Plenty of sleep is also a must, and fluids really help.

Good luck with the pred, it usually does one thing or another to most people, but I have no problems. I ask for it if I know it will make me better.

Take care,



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