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Anyone else really bad - asthma wise - right now?

Hi all

Thought after my six months of a really bad episode I was atleast homeward bound - oh no!

Apart from all of the obvious allergies etc, I am now suffering yet another bad bout...fingers crossed will be ok for work and not admitted! (Trying hard not to be)! Anyone any advice - are there a lot of sufferers right now?

Incidentally - work were a bit arsey last time I was off - can I do anything about this situation I now have on my hands re work - where do I stand?

Many thanks

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Don't have an answer as to why but my asthma has been playing up (more than usual) over the past month or so. Have had 4 admissions this month and seem to be heading for a 5th.

Hope you feel better soon



hi, I am not great at the moment either, I am putting it down to the atmospeheric pressure changes that we are experiencing round where I live. No real helpful advice except if you start getting worse then you know where to head.

Re work, if they start to give you grief then maybe you could get your cons to write a letter explaining how things stand. I believe asthma is covered by the Disability Discrimination Act, other more experienced peeps might be able to tell you a bit more about this.

Hope you feel better soom.



Sorry to hear that you're both also suffering!

I initially thought it was solely the hayfever causing this all - but now I am at a real loss- not actually sure which of the particular allergen is the cause!

On a side issue - normally my chest etc's awful - but htis time around I permanently feel as though my throat is constricted!

GP's at a loss and said that he's now done all he can - I only saw Con within last week - and that perhaps Hosp is best course...but I so don't want that! But I am not overly sure how longer I can cope with a peak flow of less than 200 (managed on 300 for a while - but wasn't great - this is awful!)


Yes, been a bad week for me too!

Pollen explosion last weekend finally did it for me.

Home from hospital now but not that brill.

Please take care and pummell that pollen into submision!



Asthma is sometimes covered by the Disability Discrimination Act - it depends on how severe your asthma is and how much of an effect it has on your ability to do things on a day-to-day basis. If it is covered, your employer is obliged to make 'reasonable changes' to adapt your working environment to your disability, and has to make certain allowances for time off.

Even if your asthma is not a disability as defined by the DDA, you still have rights and your employer has responsibilities in terms of your illness. They should not be giving you a hard time for taking time off. A good first step might be to ask for a referral to an Occupational Health doctor - your employers may have one or you may be able to see an NHS one. They can assess you and advise your employer on how to make provisions for your health problems.

If you have any problems with your employer, your local Citizens Advice Bureau should be able to advise you on your rights.

Em H


Thanks for your reply!

I have seen OH - boss has taken none of their advice though!

My concern is that my absences are creeping up and others have already been let go of due to illness absence!

Now I am in a position of really probably needing a couple of extra days but know I cannot take anymore time!

Soon as an employee goes about exercising their rights though said boss gets incredibly arsey! :(

My obvious concern's for health first, but I need a job too!


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