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Mirena Coil and Prednisolone


For a variety of reason (mainly linked to allergic reactions in the past) I have been told that short of a hysterectomy or continuing to have annual ops (not advisable due to scar build up) the mirena coil is pretty much my last hope! Mid 30s and I am already a hopeless case! :(

Anyway - my question is that all of the info I have read states that long-term use of pred and mirena's not a good idea - how does this fit with bursts of large doeses of pred?

For example I tend to have 40mg a day does of about 10 days currently slightly better than was at only three month intervals - does nayone know if this is likely to have any effects/problems?

Thanks in advance!

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Hiya :)

My doctor said to me you are more likely to get an infection there if you are on long term pred. So it might be something to do with that.

I would speak to the doctor and see what they say about it.

Hope you find something to help :)


Many thanks for your reply.

If it is perhaps a cause of infections - I need to be wary as I already suffer countless numbers of these to date! :(

Do we have any docs in the house that can shed anymore light?


Hi this is interesting. I've had water infections continuously since November 2007, started new treatment in December which held these off until I started a month on prednisolone in March,I'm due to go in hospital in the next few weeks for treatment with chemicals, sounds and is awful I've been warned.My Mum has had water infections for 3 years, she has just had blood poisoning,they never got rid of infections and told her they had each time. she very nearly died. My doc tried to get me to have one of these fitted, glad I didn't and he knows my medical history!I'm sure the pred set my infection off, maybe with the chance of infections with the coil too, it's a risk. I bleed every 14 days heavily and my doc won't let me have a hysterectomy. I've been put on norethisterone 3x daily, just use it 10 days a month to regulate things. just thought I'd got it all sussed and pred messed it all up.Good Luck, It's bad enough with infections let alone asthma on top of it.


Sorry to hear all of that Rattles.

My op has been delayed - but they are pursuing the mierna as possibly the only main option for me... wis there was more info about tbh...


Hi I started treatment for bladder repair 5 weeks ago. I go into hospital ever week for treatment and it's been fantastic, I've also stopped bleeding every 14 days and now it's every 24 days+. I can't have pred with the treatment, something to do with more chance of infection. My asthma is brittle at the mo, I'm on double nebs and combivent 4 hourly. I've avoided pred so far as it doesn't work for me. My doc wants me back on it next week if I'm not better. I'm going to say no.I've waited years to get periods in check and the new treatment has helped, don't think it's meant to but won't knock it.I have problems with kidney function so wonder if some of the blood was that, guess I'll' never know.Hope you get problem sorted, it just really drags you down.



Thanks for the reply Rattles,

It is good to hear that they have managed to sort some of your problems!

I go in for treatment on my bladder and other such lovely sites that I have issues with soon.....so feeling a tad anxious.... unlike you I have liver issues so reading your post was really good to hear!

:) Thank you

Keep us updated - hope the astham sorts itself a little - are you affected by the hayfever?


Hi Yep, hayfever affects me, but never get runny eyes or sneezes, it upsets my lungs and my ears itch (weird, fun as I wear 2 hearing aids!)

Hope you get other problems sorted, I hope all goes well.The bladder repair all though a horrible idea is just so worth it.My periods are less heavy too, no idea why!

I'm still stuck on nebuliser 4 hourly, got so many meds in it, takes nearly half an hour.

Take care



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