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Knowing when to take my inhaler!

Hello out there. I need advice. In my 3rd week of feeling out of breath, tired and absolutely fed up! But my question is this. I have been coughing lots today and was about to go into a meeting so thought I should take my Ventolin. I have to say it helped. My question is this though. Sometimes after I take my Ventolin the relief lasts about for only a minute and then I start coughing again. Is it not working or should I take more? I find it difficult to know when to take it. Do I take it as soon as my chest gets tight, when I get out of breath or when I start coughing?

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You take your inhaler as soon as your personal asthma symptoms appear. It is hard to tell you exactly when because i dont know what your symptoms are but i think you should go and discuss your question with your asthma nurse or GP.

When i get a tight chest i take my reliever straight away and if it doesnt work i follow the what to do in an asthma attack. See main asthma UK website.

Please do not put off using your reliever or going to see your GP! It can be dangerous!



Confused as well

As a new sufferer i also dont know when to use my inhaler,i asked my doc if i could see the asthma nurse yet to set up a plan and he said he wants all my results in first, so that he can help me manage my asthma.

when i asked about inhaler he said to take it anytime i felt i needed it and i do belive that as far as Ventolin is concerned it is not adictive.

Take Care



Take it as soon as your first symtom appears. This is what I have always been told in the 17 years I have been taking inhalers. So for me if I start having chest pains I take the inhaler, start feelling short of breath take the inhaler, start have a coughing fit, (persistant coughing for more than 5 minutes) take the inhaler even if it is only 1 symptom that is showing I still take the inhaler. Yesterday I took the blue inhaler 8 times which was 16 puffs as I had to take 2 puffs as required but as of today I am know on 4 puffs as required. With it being for so long I would also go back a diary for the next week and then go back and see your doctor with the diary. If you have a peka flow record that before inhalers then do it again 10 mins after inhalers so that you can see that the inhalers are working. Also, sorry if this sounds harsh but I have found it is something quite commonly done, Don't forget to take your preventor if you have one every morning and night at least 12 hours apart preferably


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