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what does this mean?

my asthma is very dodgy at the minute and im having attacks on a daily basis. even today when going to the hospital to see the consultant i had an attack because of someones aftershave so im pretty much a hermit at the minute. i feel like ive constantly been ran over with sore ribs and a low wheeze and im coughing when moving even an the hospital the consultant changed my medication again and said that im very unstable (think i knew that lol) anyway what i wanted to ask was - does anyone know much about stage 1 brittle asthma?- as i dont know really what this means. is it just what ive described or does it mean something different?

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I think you probably mean Type 1 (rather than stage 1). Type 1 is where you're up and down with your PEF and very unpredictable - as you describe. Type 2 is where you are generally pretty well controlled and then suddenly have completly unexpected attacks.

Just to confuse things, some people are Type 1 and Type 2!!

I don't know if 'unstable' asthma is the same as Type 1 (particularly in terms of diagnosis) although unstable seems a good description. It may just be a period of being unstable rather than chronically unstable.


ratty- the counsultant must have said type1 brittle asthma not stage1. i did take someone in with me as my memory is awful but ive still got it wrong lol. he just said that its the worst type to have and that i need to have nebs at home to have any quality of life, which is something they werent going to allow as i try to avoid hospitals unless im pushed. it just doesnt seem to ever end so im feeling quite sorry for myself again


It's okay to feel sorry for yourself. I find chocolate helps at these times. :) At least, however difficult it is, you have some more understanding of what's happening and are moving forward. It sounds similar to my asthma. I'm not allowed nebs at home though it's been debated many times because like you I avoid hospital as much as possible and can go downhill very quickly so they're worried I wouldn't get help soon enough. I can understand this and don't mind too much as I currently live next door to A&E (pretty much literally!!) but I am worried about what would happen if I lived further away - I guess things would need to be reviewed then.



I have unstable asthma which is brittle, a mixture of type 1 and 2 I have symptoms everyday some worse than others, but them out of the blue get very severe attacks which end me up in big bother. I have home nebs, and they are literally a life saver - but I also have a very clear set of instructions as to when to go into hospital or seek extra help. I also live very close to hospital less than5 mins away, and would not want to move at the moment. I also have a very clear treatment plan set up by resp team, ITU and A and E which has helped a lot. I think you have to build a trusting relationship with those treating you you have to trust they know what they are doing and they have to trust that you will seek help when you need to. With this, for me things are genuinely getting better. Home nebs have played a big part of this and I am i,credibly greatful that I am able to use them.


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