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when i have had an asthma attack i am always left with very sore ribs like i have been squashed to a pupl....this happens regardless of a chest infection or not. in fact i always do have sore ribs even when i have days inbetween asthma my question is -is this a common complaint or is it likely to be caused by something else...cannit ask my doc as i feel i spend too much time there anyway...cheers x

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that pretty common i get really bad rib ache on a bad asthma day, it almost feels like I have a broken rib. A lot of people get this. At first i couldn't tell the signs and its like i have a spasm in one lung and then get a spasm effect at the base of my throat and then a massive attack, i now tend to react at the first spasm feeling that just makes me aware an attack is imminent.

its normally a cue for me to have a puff off my booster preventer inhaler. If it bothers you a lot go and have a chat with your gp!


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