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a no wheeze asthma attack

i am having constant dips at the minute morning and espeially late at night when im in bed, where my peak flow is dropping, have a heavy chest and generally feel very unwell with my asthma. these attacks are only lasting a short time and i am managing to keep them controlled at home fairly easily. but i normally wheeze when i have an attack and when this is happening im hardly wheezing to when i have a bad attack....anyone else have this?

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Hi jay39

I am not understanding what you are asking can you please explain?



Could they be something in your bedroom that is triggering your asthma. Ie dust or dust mites. Don't mean to be cheeky but I had to but allergy covers for mattress bedding and pillows....


plummie- just that im having a really heavy chest, struggling with full breaths but no massive wheeze when im having these attacks at night and i would normally have a stong audiable wheeze and can often find out what the trigger was and i was curious if others have different symptoms from time to time with attacks and if they always know what the trigger was............also re the bedroom-i clean clean clean with no chemicals and wash the bedding including the quilts and pillows reg so dont know what it is and why its dropping at night x


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