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im a little curious if whats been happening recently is normal? my asthma was good for a few days and i felt so good being able to breath but its back to normal sadly.

i wanted to know if this is normal? although this has happened before its happening more and more-at night im feeling 'breathy' and not quite right (tired, irritable and cant be bothered to do anything), i have been having no wheeze and no cough at these times where as during the day i have; but out of curiosity ive been taking my peak flow and its dropping-most evenings its dropping to 200ish - sometimes 180 sometimes 210. after taking my inhaler it is going up but dont understand why this is happening. is it an asthma attack if im not wheezing or coughing? does anyone else have this? spending most of my time at the hospital for the next few weeks so i will be seeing the asthma consultant and the resp team but wanted to ask people who actually have asthma x

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I'm sorry that things are back to 'normal' after your good spell. It just shows what a variable and difficult illness asthma is. Sorry I can't answer your questions, but my asthma is up and down too, very confusing!

Good luck with the hospital and I hope the consultant is able to help. Let us know how you get on. xxx


i think it is what comes with having asthma. it never seems to do what is written in a textbook or that is my personal experience! My peak flow drops when i think my asthma is well and my peak flow increases when my symptoms are bad. It really topsy turvey!

I am always questioning my resp team! It is a wonder they arent fed up of me or maybe they are?!



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