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yep not a nice subject but just saw it mentioned in another post and i was wondering if anyone vomits when having a bad attack? i nearly always do, sometimes several times, sometimes bringing up thick gunk and other times just retching.i just love it when they give you a little bowl to be sick into when in hospital as i always think yeah right i need a big bucket lol

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yes, i very often vomit quite a lot during an attack, especially the more severe ones. i think its linked to the fact that you use all sorts of muscles in your abdomen wnd chest that you dont usualy use for normal breathing. sorry you have these bad experiences, hope i helped a bit...


I vomit too, for me it seems to be a result of all the coughing more than from swallowing mucus.



When im having a bad attack if coughing then I do cough mucus up but when

I crash quick and just go as carnt breath well .

love glynis xxx


Hi all

I vomit a lot the mornings are bad,through coughing,I have been very bad this week I just can not breath also I don't want to eat not good as I am also a Diabetic,It is bad enough being an adult with these conditions I realy feel for children so sad !


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