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after my last stay in hospital a number of things have changed. i was assessed to see if any equipment could be given to help me at home (which has made a huge difference) and amongst other things ive been allocated a community matron rather than going through the resp team who deal with more copd. does anyone here have one and do you think they help? thanks x

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Hi there

I don't have a community matron (or any community input at all) but I must say that it's something I would love to benefit from. Community matrons are wonderful at what they do and are very experienced at ""case managing"" patients and helping them to gain as much independance and quality of life as possible.

It might not seem like a positive thing (or it might, I don't know!) but I've been wishing for a long time that I could have some sort of community management. Let us all know how you get on.



Not got a community matron but my hospital asthma nurse ringing me weekly

at the moment to see how i am and med instructions xxxx


i have had a community matron for nearly 3 yrs now and they are brilliant, they can liase between all your med teams (if you have more than 1 like many of us!!) they can bring forward appts. I often ring mine when i have done max meds at home she comes and assesses me and has dwcided if its hossie or gp etc. she visits me when im in and i normally see her with in week of discharge -in the 1st yr of having here my admissions dropped from 9 a yr to 5 or 6. I can talk to her about nearly any thing i need to which has been a god send.

sadly my star left me at xmas ot move on and my new 1 isnt quite as good but has come up trumps a few times alreadsy. I hope u get on with yrs -use thyem well and they can be great.


I used to have one of these, she was great! Often turning up and seeing me then having me admitted, however she found another job and her role has not been replaced. She made mine and my families life with dealing with my asthma much better. She got me equipment etc and was always on the end of the phone. Shame really. I am known at A&e but that's not always a good thing x


I have good asthma nurses but only managed to see community nurse once. The nature of the asthma means i won't get to see them often.



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