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really bad attack

i had a terrible attack yesterday morning when i was in the shower (which is quite unusual as the shower normally helps my chest with the steam). i couldnt get any breaths in or out and started to see black stars around my head then i just saw white. i think i might have been about to black out but i managed to stay calm enough to get out carefully and get my inhaler. i only took 10-15mins to bring it under control but it was a horrible experience as it came on so suddenly. has this happened to anyone else? (oh i ended up in resus as per)

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aww sorry you had a bad attack.

showers are best as could been worse in a bath,

sounds like you could do with a med review .

What did the hospital do ? xx


Sorry to hear about that jay39,

did you just get in from outside? Only asking because I have similar problems. When I come in from work I usually jump straight in the shower and I start coughing like mad but it usually disappears after a few mins. It's the cold/warm change with me.

Same thing when I step outside and the cold hits me.

Think all our airways are just very strained and oversensitive at the moment.

Hope you're ok now?

Take care

love Lydia x


So sorry you had a bad attack, hope your feeling better now. I had a couple if times where I got short of breath in the shower now I don't even go there witho

ut my inhaler. My attack wasn't as full on as yours.


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