signs of an attack

i know it may have been posted before but after reading granny mo's daft triggers on the general forum i thought it might be a good idea to put down a list of signs an attack is going to happen- thought it might be useful for people who have just been diagnosed and to see if some of the odd signs are more common than we think- other than the obvious such as coughing, wheezing and generally not being able to breath some of the examples of more strange signs that i get a really really itchy chin when im going to have a bad attack and i get a fluttery feeling at the bottom of my throat. any others?

edit - oh also as a female i cant stand to keep my bra on lol when my chest starts getting tight.

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  • Good idea, I know when I was first diagnosed it took a while to hit earlier signs rather than later and much bigger symptoms.

    Some of mine are yawning, being itchy, restless legs, thirsty, uncomfortable in my clothing (everything seems to need adjusting and I get fidgety). These are some of the symptoms I get before coughing, SOB, wheezing etc

  • thats how i get. Couldnt get comfortable then i sleep for a little bit then i get too hot like my body is on fire and so thirsty and a little sicky sometimes. Then every thing else happens

  • i personally get really fidgety & restless before attacks kick up

  • I get fidgety and irritable. Then cough violently and can't stop.


  • I go really quiet and carnt settle and then chest goes tight and then drop quick x

  • A few hours before an asthma attack I my lungs hurt then I go very quiet and then my chest goes tight and get short of breath and coughing, I do not tend to get any wheeze

  • sometimes get really emotional, can be tearful or really stressy

  • go quiet, sometimes feel sick and dizzy, and then i get the usual coughing fit etc... or other attacks i dont get couging i just get tight + sob, other times - tho very rarely am like a steam train lol


  • This is a good idea, an early warning system. Hadn't thought about it until I read this but have just noticed a while ago felt dry/odd/irritated like sandpaper breathing in then faster pulse and now feeling tight etc as per usual when need inhaler

  • i thought that was a common sign getting a dry mouth

  • i thought that need to remove the bra was just me!


  • get feeling of air or something being brushed across cheeks, under eyes and nose?? even though there nothing there...


  • my eyes change colour go watery blue - my housemate notices this before I do. I get grumpy, restless, nothing feels right, tired, itchy around lungs - I mean on the skin on the outside, clothes hurt, tired, forgetful, yawny, lots of other teeny tiny signs but when you put them them all together they are quite significant often though for severe attacks no warning at all

  • thirsty, itchy (esp on back between shoulder blades), weepy.

    seems like we're hitting some patterns here, folks!

  • quiet, dry mouth, if in bed start sweating and also need to remove braa. the SOB and pain in chest. never any wheezing!

    definitely some patterns here!

  • as honey says, if it severe attack, often no warning at all :(

    thats the down side :(

    x x x

  • JeremyKitten oh i forgot that one, i get pain in my right shoulder blade too.

    i also get slightly short tempered ( or if its from my teens perspective - i get very short tempered! ) before a bad attack.

  • Bumped up for HeatherW.

  • Alternative signs of an impending attack!

    Someone walking towards me smoking!

    Someone in Boots taking the lid off the aerosal - 'Nnnnnnoooooo, don't spray it!'

    Driving up the road and the bus pulling out right in front and having to follow it.

    Stupidly demonstrating the long distance run to my class because the attack from saying it once more seemed like it would be worse!

    The neighbour starting a bonfire with out telling you so all windows open.

    The call from the cleaner to say they can't make and thinking it's alright to do it yourslef just this week

  • I tend to get thirsty and have itchy skin

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