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beach living

yesterday i spent the day at a lovely out of the way beach. the weather was warm but not sunny with a nice calm sea, there were no people except a couple of dog walkers way in the distance so no ciggie smoke etc. my chest was fab. i took my normal morning salbut and only had to use my inhaler when being helped up a bank. it was great not feeling tight chested. left to go home early evening and within 30mins approx my chest was wheezing. by twelve id had to hammer my inhalers through the spacer and vomited over and over not even managing to keep my carbo tabs down as i was so phelemy. i am ususally so much better at home then when im out so does anyone have any ideas cos im still wheezy and coughing today.....thank you x

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I think the salt has something to do with bringing up phlem... old asthma stuff used to be based on salt....

I want to move to the seaside my chest is better when I have been away....


The air's meant to be cleaner at the beach, so maybe there were less of your triggers around. I know they say it's good for allergy sufferers (particularly hayfever) to holiday at the beach because the pollen count/air pollution is lower at the coast, something to do with offshore breezes I'm told.


Me too. I'd love to move beside the sea. I always feel better near any stretch of water. Crossing fingers you feel a whole lot better soon.


i still feel like poo today. my chest is awful, wheezing and coughing and my ribs are killing me. if my peak flow drops any more im gunna start the pred that the consultant gave me. on the plus side i could definately do a good trade on an adult telephone job as i have a very deep husky voice lol


I would move by the sea in an instant if I could. I am allergic to so many things, the sea for some reason seems to help me. Hope you are feeling better x


grew up by the sea and wheezed all the time!


I grew up about 100m from the sea and found that i wheezed all the time. It was in the countryside and also in the wet west of ireland.

When i lived in germany my asthma improved no end. I took it for drier weather with less pollen and very importantly less mould.

I moved back to the west of ireland (near enough the sea) and my asthma hit me very hard.

I experienced great relief (but nothing like the german improvement) when moving to Dublin (about 1/3 of the rainfall, far drier, less pollen/moulds).

When i dublin i learned the buteyko method and got final relief from my asthma by learning to breathe correctly. I have since moved 4 years ago back to the south west of ireland, with the sea on three sides, and do not experience symptoms thanks to my better breathing lifestyle & habit.

I was nervous moving down given my lifetime experience of poorer health in wetter and coastal areas in ireland but i had no recurrance thankfully.

I believe that we get relief from our symptoms and our bodies become accustomed and reactive to particular triggers. These build up again over time (city triggers different from country triggers or seaside triggers) and we get short term relief when free from the triggers we are most sensitive to, but i would expect over time that the relief would diminish, new triggers would emerge, if you do not address the breathing habit and/or the underlying causes (allergies/intolerances/deficiencies/stress/development issues/environment). By treating only the underlying cause you may still be left with a bad breathing habit.


re the last reply to my message about feeling better when i was at the beach: i do actually practice the breathing tecs as i have always been a believer in working from the inside out, eg-im vegetarian, dont smoke, used to be very active until my arthritis put a stop to it etc and with my asthma i know that if i can control my breathing i feel better quicker even if ive had a bad attack. i love where i live and would never move, my house is immaculate with non-chemical cleaners (thanks to my ocd lol) which i why i am always worse when i have been out even just to the local shopping centre. home is where the heart is although in an ideal world i would just wish it was at the beach


Hi jay,

I know excactly what you mean with the beach. I love it and so do my lungs.

Spent a week at a campsite right next to the beach 5 weeks ago and it was my best week (no asthma symptoms at all) so far this year:-)

Like you, within almost 30mins of returning home I started coughing and wheezing and it all has gone downhill ever since. I only live 10mins away from the sea but would love to just live right next to it as it makes me feel great.

Shame we can't get a house at the sea on prescription lol;-)

take care

love Lydia xx


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