blood in vomit

has anyone had any blood in their vomit when coughing with an asthma attack? im not talking about streaks coming from my throat which ive had previous but 2 bowls of burgandy grainy thaick blood. it was disgusting and although ive had a tube down to see what it was, the consultant still doesnt know what or where it has come from as my stomach was clear. they described it as coffee grounds....any ideas?

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  • Seriously, if your consultant ""doesn't know"", I hardly think it's appropriate for anyone on this forum to attempt a diagnosis. Are you saying the consultant has just said ""we don't know"" to two bowls of dark grainy blood and is just leaving it at that? I find that rather incredible.


  • I agree with Polly - if they dont know how would we? lol But that does sound like what happens to me when i get a bleed in my lungs but i cough up the blood/ mucus not vomit (although it makes me sick) and not as much as that so im not too sure! Hope your better soon though!

  • As the others have said, this really may not be the appropriate place to ask for medical advice of such a nature?! Surely they went through the causes with you and gave some idea of why. Did they see it happen at the time?

    All I can say is go back to your GP or consultant if you have followup with them. You said you had a tube down to check and your stomach was clear. How far down i.e. past your stomach did they look? It could due to several things and is usually from the upper gastrointestinal tract e.g. an ulcer, tears from pressure of vomiting & coughing, medication such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen etc). Certainly go back if it happens again or sorry if you have dark/black stools either.

    Edited to answer your first question: have vomited after persistent coughing with a little streaking but never to that extent

  • I've coughed up blood but never anything like this. I'm sometimes sick when coughing a lot but it doesnt sound as if this is asthma related. Hope it doesnt happen again, but if it does, go straight back to GP.

  • thank you

  • you know i was going to just leave and not say anything but im quite shocked at the replies. i wasnt asking for a diagnosis or anything like that and i am very aware of the terms and conditions. this was asthma related as it is to do with my coughing but it was not an emergency question and as i say i wasnt asking for diagnosis from non-medical people, what i wanted to know was exactly what id asked - did anyone know anything about coffee ground resp consultant is going to do further investigations if it happens again and as he said 'sometimes we just dont know' - which i understand. i just thought id see if anyone else had experienced this. this forum used to be lovely, helpful and supportive and ive encouraged other people to use it. on the whole it still is and ive had as much support as ive offered others which has been fantastic, but recently there are a small number of people who seem determined to simply have a go just for the sake of it. life is too short to put up with hassle so thats it for me. hopefully it will change back to being the great forum it was but i wont be coming back on again. just want to add that my thoughts are with those still suffering with their asthma and wish you all the best for the future. take care jill x

  • Hi Jill

    Hope you haven't gone and you see this post.

    Coffee grounds is the description of blood which has been altered by gastric acid so basically it means it was in your stomach at some point. It might have come from your stomach or you may have swallowed blood from somewhere else. Hope that helps, although obviously you wil still be worried about it.

    Don't let some negative/upsetting replies put you off, you can still get great support in here.

  • Sorry to hear you were quite shocked at the replies. Hope mine wasn't too harsh :( I replied to explain as was surprised reading your post that it seemed it wasn't explained to you what coffee ground vomit meant. It can be serious. Hope you get some answers esp if it happens again and that my reply was useful in some parts

  • Hey Jill, Please don't leave. I thought some of the replies were a bit harsh, but that seems to happen sometimes. You've been on the forum a long time and have given a lot of helpful input so PLEASE stay.

  • No, please don't leave!!! I'm so sorry if I upset you my dear. It's all my fault cos I started it. It's a bit like texting, if you're not careful things can come across totally wrong, but I can see I was both impatient &dismissive. ""If you haven't got something helpful to say, then don't say anything"" will be my mantra henceforth :)

    I admit that at the moment I'm a tetchy, pred-maddened old bat, & taking it out on anyone who comes near. Please forgive me and stay on the forum?

    polly xxx

  • Proper coffe ground vomit indicates a bleed in gastro system however if you say it comes mainly after an asthma attack my thoughts go to more of when coughing allot can tear small capalliary in swolled it. If this is the case then its just something to mointor however blood in vomit can indicate some severe problems that need investigating a scope would rule out an ulcer but things like IBS can also cause it if it is truely coming from stomach. Dark means that its been in the system its not fresh basically. Its not an asthma related problem but the medication could be making it worse.

    If comes severe then should go to ED.

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