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tests today

had a load more breathing tests today and its shattered me. i actually vomited after one of the tests - nice. although im seeing the resp team in the morning i was told that my results seem to be the same as last time, so in 2years i havent got any better but on the plus side they havent got worse. the only real change is that i have lost a little bit of height and am having more attacks. the reversibility tests show that im using my inhalers properly so thats good. after i left the hospital a very embarrassing thing happened which was when a very old looking oap with loads of bags asked if i needed help getting up some steps lol, granted i did have my crutches and must have looked rough after being sick but even so lol....

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went for full results with resp team and after the day of tests i was still very off. sat down , had more tests done, told to take more inhalers then it was decided that i should visit a n x-rays, nebs and steroids again-lovely-i swear im going to be 20 stone before christmas!


good luck Jay but at least your excellent sense of humour is in tact :) the oap thing was funny lol


joan- thank you very much - its either laugh or cry isnt it -the thing with the oap has actually happened before, god i think i must be looking quite rough lol


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