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Hello All, At the moment I am unwell with Asthma due to a chest infection,I have been prescribed Amoxicillin, Prednisilone and Nystatin. My question is, I have read recently that home nebulising is no better than using your existing reliever, and I was wondering if it is worth me continuing with my nebulising treatment or just sticking to extra Ventolin? Any help would be very welcome. Thanks, Emma :)

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  • What is your nebuliser treatment?


  • Hi, Bex, Thanks for replying. My treatment is Salamol Steri-Neb (Salbutamol Nebules), and although the Dr`s label says ""USE ONE NEBULE THREE TO FOUR TIMES A DAY"" I generally use only one a day when my asthma is bad, like at the moment. Hope this helps, Emma.

  • Sorry Emma, I only asked because I wanted to be sure you were nebbing salbutamol. I think perhaps this question would be better discussed with your asthma consultant who prescribed home nebs. Home nebs are as I am sure you know the last resort and many of us do ""neb"" regularly mainly because it keeps the asthma at bay. If you are not needing to use your nebuliser this again is something you should mention to your asthma consultant and maybe get new guidence about when you do use it of if you still need to use one.


  • Hi Emma,

    I use my nebuliser as part of my daily routine. I have salbutamol and atrovent 4 times a day and able to go up to 8 salbutamol and 6 atrovent maximum per day if I needed to. But this is all been agreed by my cons, my Gp's and asthma nurses. I think that Bex is right, you need to get some clarification as to when you should and shouldn't be using a neb. Make an appointment to see your asthma nurse if you can and get them to get it written in your action plan. Because nebs don't really feature in the plans, my nurses did a lot of scribbling out and it looks a bit of a mess but at least I know now when I should take extra nebs etc etc.

    Sorry to be of not much help, hope you get it sorted.

    Sam x

  • Thanks everyone for all your input. I will be visiting my asthma nurse shortly, so I can mention it then. I appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.

  • If you are not needing the neb then that is brillant but you should definately tell your medical team.

    I know i use my neb 4 times daily regualy and my asthma control is great now (accept when i walk up too many stairs like today) But the only way your medical team know how you are is by you telling them, they cannot read your mind.


  • Thanks Plumie, I will bear that in mind. I am aiming to go to my asthma nurse very shortly, so, I can discuss my nebulising treatments with her. EmmaC

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