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Stubborn Asthma

Hello All, I have been suffering with worsened asthma now for 2 weeks. Have been prescribed 5 days worth of prednisolone and have finished the course this morning. My cough has eased a bit but my peak flow readings are just as bad and I feel very tight in the chest and airways. I don`t really want to go back to the doctor and cause a fuss, but does anyone think that 5 days steroids was a bit low, and should I ask for more? Any advice? EmmaC

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Hi emma

I'd go back a see your GP again, but 5 days is a little low, depends on the dose, but usually 6-8 5mg tablets a day, and most including myself get a 7 day course.



Thanks, woody-som(chris), I may well have to go back to GP.I was given 5 days Prednisolone at 5mg per tab. 8 tabs per day. Maybe the course was a little short. I don`t know why, but I have a tendancy to get short courses!! I am on a lot of medications, perhaps that`s why. EmmaC



I think you should definately go back to the doctor as your asthma is obviously not settling down and anything that is giving you problems should be checked out

Maybe you need another course of the steroids if they have calmed it down a little

I'm on a short 5 day course myself and off work ill but think I may need to go back myself

I've been taking my asthma a lot more seriously the last 3 years after having a dose of pneumonia which was very scary and having constant chest infections since

You definately need to go back or at least phone the surgery and let them know. Sometimes if i phone my surgery they will give me another short dose and I can just pick up the prescription without seeing the doctor but usually they like to always have a listen to the chest incase there is any infection and I think it's a good idea to have your chest listened to when your having problems, just incase

Hopr you feel better soon!


Hi PamPam, Thank you for your kind message. My asthma is refusing to settle down so I think I will be forced to go back for another check up. I don`t like having to go to the doctor`s but I haven`t had a bad attack of asthma like this for quite some time, and what you say makes a lot of sense, about looking after yourself and taking extra care. Hopefully, it will gradually be sorted out. EmmaC :)


Good luck Emma, hopefully another short course of steroids will be enough. It's strange how so many people are having similar asthma related problems at the momen, I myself am usually sorta ok in the summer

I kinda know what you mean though I always feel like people will think I'm wasting their time and that a lot of people underestimate asthma but there is one doctor in particular in mu surgery who is very good so if you find a doctor like that I suggest sticking with them if possible whenever you have to go back about asthma problems


Hi PamPam, Thanks for taking the time to send another message to me. It does feel like I am sometimes making a fuss, but Asthma is important and people have to realise this. It is not just a case of feeling slightly out of breath, it can make you feel really ill. I think I will have to make an appointment this week. I hope I get some good results!! Keep well, EmmaC



5 days is a fairly standard length of time for a short course of prednisolone for a flair-up of asthma. 8 tablets a day (40mg) for 5 days is no different than having 6 tablets for 7 days (30mg) as you get the same dose-wise I believe, its just different doctors have different ways of doing things. As this hasn't settled your asthma then your doctor may want you to have another 5 days worth to get your symptoms under control. Don't ever worry about causing a fuss!


Thanks crazybaby, I didn`t realise that 5 days was about equal to 7 days dose depending on strength and dr. I think I may have to go back tomorrow if possible, as this `stubborn asthma` just will not budge. I am still feeling uncomfortable so I hope I can see someone. Thank you for replying. EmmaC


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