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tight chest

I have had a tight chest all day, and really feel bunged up with the cold. I have taken my Beclometasone Diproprionate 200micrograms inhaler as per normal (2 puffs twice daily), and the reliever (bricanyl turbohaler terbutaline sulphate 0.5mg) and it does help for a short period of time, i also have a beconase nasal spray and my green inhaler (the name is something evohaler) has ran out but should be in pharmacy tomorrow.

I have been taking beechams cold and flu tablets, could these be what is causing the problem?

If it's still the same on Monday, I will call the doctors.

Thanks, Kieran

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Hi Kieran

I had a cold a few weeks ago & was told by the pharmacist not to take the cold & flu remedies as they could mask an attack or the ingredients could react badly with the inhaler ingredients. Have you checked the information leaflet with the beechams stuff as the pharmacist would not let me buy that to see if you are supposed to have it with asthma? Just take lots of your reliever & if it gets worse go to A&E or the out of hours GP at your hospital. Hope you feel better.


it doesnt say anything about asthma, but after reading it again does state that it:

""may decrease the effects of other medications"".



my chest is tight today and so is my sisters ,so it could be change of weather for asmatics that is causing the problem hope you are feeling better tonight or tomorrow



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