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Allergies and Asthma

I have an allergy to latex as well as other things which I don't exactly know of. (I have never had a test, but i am going to see dr about that).

Anyway, My asthma seems to have gotten worse over the last few weeks, and during the same period my normal symtoms of my allergies have appeared too. (Sneezing, Contact dermatitis on hands and arms, which then gets sore and so i scratch it and it bleeds, nippy eyes etc). I have also been bringing up loads of flem/phlem, mostly in the morning, but I am not sure if thats allergy or asthma.

Could this be making the asthma worse? I have been getting wheezy a lot more, and also getting my coughing at night back again. I haven't noticed a change in the peak flow, normally around 470-550.

I am on Pulvinal Beclometasone Diproprionate (0.2mg) supposed to take 1 puff twice daily but dr advised to take 2. I also have the Bricanyl Turbohaler (0.5mg) which I usually take in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and before i go to bed.



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Hi Kieran,

I suffer from hayfever and asthma, so i know what it is like, It is not very nice. I hope you for better soon.





i was suffering from most of what you mentioned in your post. it might be worth you going to the doctor and ask if you can try singulair. it helps with both asthma and hayfever and has helped me a lot in the last few weeks.

hope this helps



Thanks Debi

I will go to the Dr's during the week, and ask for Singulair




My 9 year old son has bad allergies as well as asthma and his asthma always gets worse when he is stuffed up. He takes a nose inhaler called Nasonex and it works wonders for him. He takes it for a month at a time and it really seems to keep his asthma cough under control as well. He still needs his salbutamol inhaler for the wheezing though.



Well I went to Dr's today, and was advised Singulair is for severe asthma, and I was given a long lasting reliever and also some anti-histamines.


I can match most of those symptoms too. I started with regular antihistamines before having asthma medication increased. Over the last 4 months I have been reacting to anything and everything and now take formoterol (long-acting) broncho-dilator) and singulair. Diagnosed as brittle asthma about 5 weeks ago. I still react to everything but not so severely. At least I can usually stay at work or out with my friends most of the time. I am having allergy testing next week and so have to stop my antihistamine a week before it. Don't know what I will be like then though.


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