Can not breathe

I am fed up at the moment because my athma seems to be causing me problems every day, I am trying get over a chest infection which will not go even though I have had two lots of antibiotics for it, plus this hot weather we are having is making it very difficult for me to breathe.

Sorry to moan like this but I have just about had enough, hopefully once I get my appointment through to see the consultant things should improve.

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  • asthma girl I was like this a few weeks back and the thing that helped me was a hit on a nebuliser. If you 999 and say you are an asthmatic and can't breathe they will send out a paramedic in the car and they treat you at home. They are more than happy to do this and seem to prefer treating at home than coming out treating and getting an ambulance to take you to the hospital. If it doesn't improve soon please dial 999 and get help before it gets to bad and you have to go into hospital.

    Take care

  • Hello, sorry you are having a difficult time with your asthma at the moment. It is sooo frustrating, I know how you feel. I got admitted this time last week, I didn't think I was that bad and went in the car instead of via ambulance. I was worse than I had realised, I don't want to alarm you but it is much safer to get checked out if you are in any doubt whatsoever. I was too laid back last week and ignored my increased shortness of breath and noisy wheeze. Please don't take any chances, you can ring your GP and talk to an out of hours Dr or NHS direct if you dont want to ring 999.

    Hope you feel much better soon and if in any doubt whatsoever seek help at an early stage, take good care, Lois

  • MY breathing is bad this hot weather and ended up in hosp on nebs.

    IM on my full action plan over the hot weather.

    Make sure you get help if having problems.

    love Glynis xxx

  • MY breathing is bad this hot weather and ended up in hosp on nebs.

    IM on my full action plan over the hot weather.

    Make sure you get help if having problems.

    love Glynis xxx

  • Sorry to hear that asthmagirl and as others already said you're not alone. I've been bad for a few days now due to the heat and very high pollen count. I just couldn't breathe last night and ended up drinking teas and coffees, taking ventolin inhaler and distracting myself by playing solitaire until 6am.

    I thought about dialling 999 but wasn't coughing or wheezing ""only"" tight chested but will phone them if it's the same again.

    I didn't know they were happy to just treat you at home with nebs. I'm glad to hear that as I didn't want to be a waste of time for ambulance service.

    Well, I hope you'll be feeling better soon. This hot sticky weather is just a bit too much for a lot of us:-( take care.

    love Lydia x

  • Please keep an eye on things. Asthma been rubbish for 4 weeks most folk I spoke to said it was the weather. Unfortunately on saturday my asthma got worse and I ended up in hospital despite being on prednisolone and the weather was ru bish on Saturday !!!!!!

  • cant breathe

    My god thanks so much for posting i was actually thing i was been misdiagnoised as i had no other symptoms just could not breath i felt like i was suffacating i put nyself on a course of steroids as docs advice when i rang and took to my bed with nebby but was told to go to ane if it did not improve. i was not coughing or wheezing just felt i was choking like someone had there hands over my mouth is trhis normal i always though i d only go to hos if i was wheezing and coughing with sob any advice please !!

  • Hi Hudson,

    I reckon it's this heat causing many of us to be unable to breathe.

    I was confused myself a little not having my usual cough and my recently developed little wheeze.

    As you said, just feeling being strangled and really tight chest.

    That went on for hours the other night and I will not go through it ever again.

    My nurse said to call the ambulance or go to a&e anyway no matter which symptoms are the worst. Think we probably know our body best and should try to make the right decision.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Love Lydia x

  • cant breathe

    i no but im in ireland and the ane is such a state over here you could be waiting upto 6 hours just to be seen thenyou could be on a corridor on a trolly for upto 2 days its a disgrace here you would thyink in 2010 that this situation would not happen but the situation is just dreadfull here no beds available and if you are lucky enough to get one its in a mixed ward night mare

  • Yes, defo the heat........ I have gritted my teeth and my eco priciples and gone a bought an air con unit from B&Q!

    So, with O2 concentrator grumbling away, Air con grumbling away, I hope to get some sleep tonight....... may need ear plugs now me things! Oh well!

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