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Did I do right

I contacted NHS Direct last night because my asthma and chest infection were making me cough and very breathless this started about 9pm then at 11pm ish I phoned for help. I also was unable to complete a full sentenance when I was on the telephone to them.

My peak flow was 150.

I used 25 puffs of reliever and 4 puffs of Atrovent using the spacer throughout the day.

NHS Direct said I definately needed an ambulance so they put me through to them. When the rapid responder and community responders attended they gave me oxygen which helped.

I wondered if I should have done this, I did not want the ambulance service think that I was wasting their time.

Should I have waited longer for my medication to have clicked in.

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Know how you feel.

You did the right thing by summoning an amubence. I've had a few scares myself and in my opinion, that mean's a MAJOR FULL SCALE ATTACK's due so I strongly suggest you get a hospital bag on standby (book. crisps, drinks, chocolate {I suggest a visit to Poundland), MP3, Mobile phone credit, ETC). Its bad when you have two serious ones within seven hours of each other. In my experience it's impossible to tell when you're going to have a Major full scale attack.


You did the right thing, thats what they are there for. On Sunday morning at 3am there was a woman outside our house screaming her head off, high on something. Ambulance arrived and I have had problems with asthma and was getting really stressed. She wouldn't get in the ambulance and started kicking off, the police arrived and took her off. I really needed neb with oxygen but was worried too much to dial 999 because of problem outside. Looking back I must be mad, they would have rather dealt with a medical emergency than one self inflicted one with a violent woman. I have called for the ambulance many a time, when my home neb doesnt help enough I know oxygen will help.

Hope you are feeling much better soon



i think you did the right thing too, i think its important to think about using other medical services depending on the situation. i had a full on nasty attack and got dragged to a&e - did the right thing but it left me really paranoid about my asthma and made me realise the severity of it.


We have needed an ambulance on 3 occassions for our little girl. (Aged 20mths) On 2 of those occasions NHS direct have been the ones to call it as they could hear her breathing over the phone.

When the paramedics turned up they all have said how they'd rather get called to something like Asthma than a drunk on the street. They also have told us not to hesitate to call them as its easier to help if responded to in time.

Following this we really arent worried at all about calling for help as at the end of the day, Asthma is a life threatening condition.

I hope you are feeling better today.



You definitely did the right thing. NHS direct are good and will send an ambulance if they think its needed but it doesn't always mean they will take you to hospital as sometimes the treatment they can give you is enough to help. I also wonder how long i should leave it before i seek help!

We have, so far this year, had 3 ambulance call outs via NHS direct for my hubby! The second paramedic very nearly got a mouthful from me as he decided that hubbys peak flow reading of 120 was 'good' and that the problem could have waited till the morning and been dealt with by a visit to the GP! When i told our practice nurse this she was speechless! All three visits to hospital revealed pneumonia and needed large doses of antibiotics and steroids!


Please be careful with NHS direct, if you feel really bad dial 999. We called NHS direct about my Son who has severe and difficult asthma, he was struggling and we wanted some help, he was reacting very differently to normal and we had lost all confidence. NHS direct said he wasn't a priority and would have to wait up to 3 hours for a call as they were busy dealing with emergencies, he started going blue and hubby shouted at her to put down the phone as I'm phoning an ambulance. He ended up in hospital where he stayed with double pneumonia. I only bother them with minor information now.




yes you did the right thing.

I have needed ambo""s a few times and

straight to resus.

I dont live to far away and tuesday rang for a taxi

and saw the nurse at AnE ,then sent me to resus .

Always get help if you are in any dought and you need help to breath xxxx

edit-999 is quicker and faster if to bad


your post

Dont think for 1 minute that you have wasted there time because your better safe than sorry and anyway you thought you needed help so you got it and you never know that you could of had a serious asthma attack

Jordan Hill



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