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Bronoscopy Information required

My GP and Consultant want me to have a Bronoscopy procedure done at the Royal Brompton Hospital, the questions I have are, has anyone had this done before and is it painful, how long does the Bronoscopy take and would I have to stay in hospital?

Moderators, I hope that I am not breaking any rules by asking these questions because I'm only after information to help me be prepared for this procedure

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Hi asthmagirl,

I had one last year, as a day patient. I had to stay in for an hour afterwards on Sats monitor and because had sedation and because throat is numbed. Then had a glass of water to check throat was ok followed by a lovely cup of tea. The only pain I had was a sore throat. The only reason they would have kept me in was if the sedation worked too well. I needed my inhaler about 20 mins after procedure too.

I also needed to be with someone for the next 24 hours and I had to be picked up by someone.


Hello Asthmagirl,

No problem from a mod point of view, the forums/fora? plural are for debate, discussion, information and support.I will just add though that not everyone with asthma will need such tests, there are proportionally more people with severe asthma here.

Have bumped up a post with more information from Philomela last year under General.

Haven't had a bronchoscope myself but have had other scopes. Generally it shouldn't be painful but may be uncomfortable. There will be preparation such as no eating or drinking a certain time before, may also stop some medication, they will give a local anaesthetic spray and possibly sedation. The time in hospital would depend what exactly is done but they are usually a short day case procedure.

Not sure how the Brompton decide in individual cases but they often admit for a week and do all tests in that time. If you search, there are several posts on the 'difficult asthma protocol' with more information.


Hi Asthmagirl,

Details on the other thread I started but just wanted to say in general it was a pretty painless experience and they were all very nice. I imagine they'd be very good at it at the Brompton as well. Do you live in London? I imagine the RBH must be used to people coming from some distance to have this so will make provisions for afterwards if you are some way from home. I was told that it can stir up your asthma a little so they'll want to keep a close eye on you I'd imagine - but seems like there's no better place you could be if things kick off!

Or as TJ says they might want to admit you for a few days and do various tests. Any news on when your Brompton appt will be? I had the letter through early last week just after I was wondering what the hell was going on (letter sent to them about Feb 10th) and had rung my GP's secretary in case something had gone wrong! Hope you don't have long to wait.


Thank you so much for all your replies, the information you kindly provided has helped me a lot and eased some concerns that I have had about having this procedure done.


No problem Asthmagirl, glad the information has helped


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