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Allergic to IV Aminophylline

At my last hospital admission back in November/December I was given IV Aminophylline but suffered terrible side affects from it which included high temperature, shaky, feeling as if I wanted to be sick and generally not really with it. According to the doctor I'm allergic to Aminophylline.

Has anyone else had an allergic reaction to IV Aminophylline?

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Well, I have had a bad reaction in that last time I had it, it gave me THE most horrendous headache and I felt very very sick. I've been told not to have it again.


I'm allergic to it have been from the first time I tried the tablets. Had a horrid reaction of fainting, fast heart rate, sickness and not being aware of anything around me. Have been told never to have it and made sure the allergy is on the A&E records so they know when I go in. Sorry to hear about your reaction, hope your well now x


I am severely allergic to it in any form -if i have it orally i vomit within minutes and if given iv i have full blown seizures which take a while to control-as you imagine having a seizure during a life threatening asthma attack is not a good combo.

I suggest i make sure its in your notes in big red pen both at GP and hossie plus if you dont already have 1 get a medic alert bracelet stating your allergy. Hope your lungs are improving now xx


I'm allergic to one of the main ingredients in the IV solution - EDA. I'm fine with oral theophylline. Initially I was quite frightened by this discovery however was reassured by my consultant that there were alternatives such as IV salbutamol and feel a bit calmer now my new bracelet has arrived and all my records have been updated - worth investing in if you haven't already got one. I've worn one for longer than I can remember, has only been used in emergencies a handful of times but does give peace of mind, especially if away from your local hospital


Interesting! My lungs love IV aminophylline but I can't tolerate oral theophyllines at all


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