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Fed up of my Asthma

I am fed up of my asthma it has been very troublesome so far this year, I am still trying to get my asthma to settle down I also have a chest infection despite having two lots of antibiotics does not want to clear. As if that was not enough I am having a few problems at work as well.

My peakflow high at the moment is 200 and the lowest is 120 twice last week I noticed my lips were going blue. I have had the out of hours doctor to me in the early of this weekend they treated me via a nebuliser at home.

I have not had a good night sleep for several nights, I guess what with my asthma and feeling very tired I am feeling miserable and fed up of my asthma.

This is another night of no sleep, so whilst I am trying to settle my asthma down I thought that I would send this message.

My asthma friends I am so sorry to have a moan.

I guess I will have to make an appointment to see my GP to see if they can help me

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sorry you are having a rough time of it,think the weather has a lot to do with it.

make sure you get checked out as blue lips meens low oxygen,

my lips go blue and been strugling all through the hot weather.

hope the doc or hospital sort you out you realy need to see someone with a low pf also.

lots of love Glynis xxx


fed up of asthma

I do hope the GP sorts u out, saw my consultant, told no home nebs any problems with ur asthma we want u at hospital where we can keep an eye on you. I was hoping he could just fix this asthma once and for all. Hmmmm......gill


Good luck and i hope that you find the solution at your doctors, we've all been there from time-to-time some worse than others, just keep strong and keep smiling. x


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