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unable to get flu jab due to work!!

was unable to get my yearly flu jab last week due to work commitments..seems that my docs surgery MAY be doing some more vaccinations in December..does anyone know if there are any rumours circulating about this year's flu it expected to be bad or might we be lucky and just have a mild flu varient to deal with...hopefully it will be the latter..just keeping my fingers crossed I can avoid any flu outbreak till december

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I've not personally heard any rumours about what 'flu varient is currently doing the rounds - I know it was quite a nasty one last year, but that doesn't really mean anything in terms of this year's bug. I don't know anyone who has succumbed yet.

If it's a question of your health, work should really let you have time off, surely - you only need tell them you have a doctor's appointment, you are not obliged to say what it's for. I know it is not always that simple, though.

Hope you are lucky and don't succumb



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