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peak flow question my fingers well and truly rapped a couple of weeks ago from a Mod in here and fully deserved it! asked a question when I should have gone to the docs..eventually did. about to ask another question but its a general one so hopefully wont have my fingers rapped this time best peak flow on a really good day is in excess of 400..right now im averaging between 230 and 300 ..when should someone become concerned regarding a drop in their peak flow?

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Hello Scottishmum - apologies for the rapping! - but glad you went and got sorted.

People vary as to when they start getting concerned about their peak flow, and it may be something to discuss with your doc/asthma nurse in order to get a tailored ""Action Plan"" for you. As a model, though, many people run on the ""Green"" ""Yellow"" and ""Red"" zone system. Basically, anything from 100% to 80% of your best/usual peak flow is your green zone (no worries, carry on as usual); 60-80% is ""yellow"" - you should agree a plan of treatment escalation/action with your doc/nurse for if this happens; and anything under 50-60% means you should be seeking medical advice urgently.

As I say people do vary as to their ""thresholds"" with this approach, and many with more severe asthma have action plans which bear no resemblence to this at all - it's a very individual thing according to your usual level of symptoms, control, etc.

Hope you are ok now.



thanks Cath :) will keep a close watch on it


As has said below, you are according to your figures getting reading of less than 80%, so you should be taking note of your action plan, which usually is to take extra inhaled steroids, but I've been told that I should see my GP or asthma nurse. It;s best if you notice a drop in the readings from a high, and a fairly sharp constant drop to below 80% then take action, it's easier and better to act at this stage, and not let it continue to fall.

100% - 80% - 400 - 320 = Good (should always be here)

80% - 50% - 320 - 200 =watch it, extra prevention meds, GP/Asthma nurse for advice (don't stay here long, near the top end OK'ish)

50% > - 200> = you really need help A&E (hope yo never get to this level)


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